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Understanding IDENTITY in TRUTH

We are born into a dimensional space which seeks to provide our identity for us, it does this by giving us the illusion of options.  This has increased dramatically over the past few linear years with so many options that humanity are now dissolving fully.  Identification in TRUTH means nothing, WE ARE, it is this simple, however darkness knows that in order to manipulate and to control the WE ARE has to be challenged.

Many at this time within humanity are struggling, it appears that modern everyday life is now more complex than at any other time and this is of course deliberate. In order to provide a dense and enduring illusion said illusion has to play to the weakness of humanity and in doing so persuades humanity to construct an invisible cage around themselves. It is the manipulation of our emotional debris that strengthens said cage.  We begin to detach from the human life experience in various ways and we then begin to live in the past or "what has been". This is seen in the physical manifestation that is referenced as dementia but is accepted by humanity as part of the "natural ageing process".   It could be queried why this particular manifestation is growing more now than at any other time in human history but that also may feed into the search for the answers that are never given within the old earth matrix/construct itself.

For many within humanity it is simply easier to accept the logical and reasonable explanations that are presented by the illusion itself, life is already a challenge so why make it more so?  well TRUTH JUST IS and the illusion itself is now waivering, as the frequency of TRUTH gains in momentum the choice of whether to remain deep within the illusion itself or to stand in TRUTH is being removed. As the illusion is a construct of a variety of constructs that make no logical sense at all many within humanity will breach the edge of madness attempting to reach the bottom of the rabbit hole. The more that we attempt to make sense of the old earth construct/matrix the more questions it brings and this itself is deliberate, it is the defense mechanism of the old earth construct/matrix itself.  A dimensional space designed to entrap via the human logical mind USES the human logical mind with which to shield itself.

At this time we are asked to allow the stripping away of internal false identity thru our surrender IN Christ. We are here for a reason and this reason is becoming more and more clearer, we are here TO BE. We cannot BE when we are flooded with reference points that seek to have us identify with that which we are born into.  For many within humanity self identification is the foundation of the human life experience and unfortunately this foundation will be removed in due course. It is not removed as some sort of strange punishment by our Creator YHWY, it is removed because the old earth construct/matrix will remove it, it is part of the design of the matrix itself.  It will dash all those who have self identified on the rocks in order to break open the shell of the human vehicle and harvest that which is being denied to it at this time.

This breaking of humanity is foretold so we are in essence forewarned but the matrix has increased its glossy shiny picture.  Many within humanity are living in the shallow waters of the human life experience fully believing that no sharks can attack in said shallow water.  This is the deepest illusion thus far presented by the matrix and one of the most dangerous. A fragile human being who relies on outside influence and status is one that is harvested firstly for it gives little to no resistance to the process itself.  We will begin to see a rise in the harvesting which leaves the vehicle irreparable. In previous harvests the human vehicle was relatively unscathed due to the option of  re seeding of said human vehicle. We are in the end of the end of times and this is the LAST CYCLE of harvest that is occurring, therefore the harvester is lest apt to take care not to damage the field in which the crop is planted. The field will never be used again so there is little point it taking care when entering it.

Increased mental health crises, increase hostility, increased violence, increased judgement, increased deprivation, all increase in order to BREAK humanity, those who break open are harvested in rote and ritual that prevents the breaking from appearing in TRUTH.  The construct of religion itself will now begin to create scenarios that allow the deep harvesting of emotional distress in relation to sin and crucifixion because that is the purpose of the construct of religion. For those who have reached the Cross, the nailing to said Cross will now begin to intensify, it is only when those who have surrendered to the false Christ attempt to go beyond the Cross that they begin to realize there is no pathway because the false Christ cannot provide one, his purpose is to keep those on the Cross in deep pain, fear and emotional distress in order that that which harvests can obtain the best crop available.

There is only one way out of the old earth construct/matrix and that is surrender deep within our heart space to Christ in TRUTH.  Christ who not only reveals the Cross that we have been nailed to but takes us DOWN from said Cross, binding our wounds, repairing our heart  and restoring our connection to our Creator YHWY in the process. It is HE who reveals the narrow path that we must now walk in order to walk out of illusion and move into TRUTH. In doing so we wipe dry our eyes and achieve:Revelation 21:1 KJV And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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