Understanding LEGION in TRUTH

The 144,000 are at a pivotal phase in their full awakening and the outer waking reality is more

than aware of the rise in frequency. At this time we are asked to make more of a concerned

effort to scan the space around us. We do this of course thru awareness, at this time many

will be under attack and the attack will not look like it is in TRUTH.

LEGION is written in the word of YHWY because it is the demon that directly opposed Christ

and therefore knows Him fully. The reason that we walk IN Christ is that we have protection IN Him, view him as a housing or as a suit of armor. Within this housing we are safe and secure and it is CHRIST who settles the “scores” that darkness are now calling in within the

dimensional space referenced as “earth”. If we walk next to Christ or follow Him we are not

afforded the same protection which is why we surrender IN Him.

LEGION can take many forms at once, it is called LEGION for this reason, it was LEGION

who Christ cast out of the man in the wilderness who was called insane by his fellow villagers.

Christ cast the demon out into a herd of pigs which then were drowned as the demon tried to flee.

Examples of demonic attack are often portrayed as something out of a horror film but in reality demonic attack takes a very simple form. It will defy logic first and foremost, what is occurring to you will make NO SENSE and you will then begin to doubt that it is an attack. This is the first weapon of darkness to make you think that you are somehow imagining it. Intense chaos is a sign of demonic attack, you may find that you become very easily overwhelmed, this may run thru the people around you, so you may find yourself in the midst of very noisy and unruly behavior from people around you. It may be that you enter a shop and suddenly there is an incident that is intense and chaotic. You may find that family or friends visit and you feel overwhelmed and a sense of panic enfolds you. This is demonic attack and it is easily written off as something else.

So why the demonic attacks at this time? Well one reason is that humanity are on target to

embrace darkness thru the festival that is called halloween. Demonic attacks increase in the

period leading up to this festival and are often described in the media as “unprovoked and

frenzied” attacks. So we will see increase in suicides, increase in violent attacks leading to

death and general unease increasing within the general population.

Halloween is a time where demons can walk FREELY AND FULLY thru humanity. Those cute

little costumes that humans wear allow demons to take off their human skins and walk fully

seen. Its like a coming out party for them and they of course feed on the fear and the unease

that humanity have around this time of the linear cycles.

We are forewarned therefore we are given advance notice. It is a specific attack, so look for

the theme. Always to keep you out of balance and to have you on edge for when you are out

of balance you are less likely to go deep within your heart space. You will begin to live on your wits and your nerves. In short you will go back into survival mode. This is exactly the point of the attack.

To deal with a demonic attack simply step into Christ and ask for protection. Then give Christ

permission to pour his blood thru the relationship that you have with the outer waking reality

at that moment ENFORCING HIS VICTORY ON THE CROSS. Once this is done then the

outer waking reality will defuse. You will be given practice of this because we need it where

we are walking.

NOTHING can touch us but demons do not abide by the rules, so they have to be reminded.

View them as errant little children… dont touch the stove… little hand decides to try anyway.. so we reprimand them. WE have CHRIST DEFEAT THEM FULLY THRU HIS BLOOD AND ENFORCING HIS VICTORY ON THE CROSS.

Of course like those errant little children demons often need more than one reminder and

often they will go and get some of their friends to back them up. Again we are forewarned of

this and IN CHRIST we are fully protected.

For those of you who are working directly with the skull matrices you will be given further

information on the role of the demon on your path and that which it is seeking to get hold of by moving you out of the way.

Remember ALL JUST IS and WE ARE


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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