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Understanding LOVE in TRUTH vs sacrificial love

We are the midst of a huge cleansing and clearing process that allows us the opportunity to open our heart space and allow that which we have held tightly on to to be cleansed and in doing so dissipate.  It is vital that we allow the physical experience of this to wash away that which our human logical mind has been conditioned to reference as "love".

In this our human physical form we have been conditioned to accept that loving means some sort of sacrifice.  This is held and anchored in place through the construct of various religions which seek to place Christ as the main sacrifice.  That IS NOT the purpose of Christ going to the Cross, He went to the Cross in order to reflect that which humanity were being conditioned to accept at the time (and which we are still being conditioned to accept), that in order to receive love that we have to be sacrificed. THIS IS NOT TRUTH. LOVE in TRUTH REQUIRES NO SACRIFICE.

This of course is fully rejected by our human logical mind which will if permitted seek to prove that we require to sacrifice ourselves or part of ourselves in order to receive love.  In order to receive LOVE in TRUTH we require only to open our heart space and allow LOVE in TRUTH to start the healing process. This will see various CHOICES appear for us and which we are asked to make with our HEART and not with the logical mind. These choices will repeat until we begin to choose only with our HEART, in other words we cannot get this wrong. When we have made a decision with our logical mind our Creator YHWY will hold us tight and we may feel this opposition, this is to ensure that we can experience that which our human logical mind is attempting to prevent. It is physical experience that validates TRUTH and not knowledge.

At this time we are asked to CHOOSE, we have human will and many around us may place intense pressure upon us to revert back to the very behaviors that have had us close down our heart space and reject LOVE in TRUTH.  We must allow ourselves to reach the understanding that anything that involves self sacrifice is NOT TRUTH and IS NOT SUPPORTED IN THESE VIBRATIONAL ENERGIES.

We will be rerouted and opposed when we attempt any, all and every sacrifice for it works against us. LOVE in TRUTH has no resonance with logic and if we find ourselves in a position of intense frustration then this is the clash of both frequencies, that of logic and that of LOVE in TRUTH.

Prophesy now unfolds to unprecedented levels and synchronicity,  expansion and movement now come together in order to reveal TRUTH.

The veil that is SACRIFICE at human level is now being removed. For those who are now ready to move beyond and to walk in the new this is the unfolding of the GREAT DOOR OF TIME and this will be validated repeatedly. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. LOVE is the ANSWER, NO MATTER THE QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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