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Understanding movement in TRUTH

We are conditioned extremely heavily in relation to "movement" and we are conditioned to reject silent movement as non movement. It is entirely possible to move vast amounts of emotional debris whilst standing still and the outer waking reality appearing for a while to remain static.  As we cannot see the wider picture, we see only that which is actually in our vision we are often sidetracked by the idea that nothing is changing at any level.  As we move thru the expansion in TRUTH process it will be repeatedly validated to us said movement but as we approach the event horizon at the levels that are being cleared at this moment the challenge is to TRUST and have FAITH that the movement is happening even tho to our naked human eyes it may appear to reflect the same picture to us.

There is a linear time delay at the root levels of the spiritual plane.  As the root is exactly that which it implies the foundation of the manifestation it is akin to trying to alter the course of a freight train or a ship on the ocean, it takes some effort for the movement to take place and we have to remain still to allow the RIPPLES that unfold from this movement to unfold then make movement. It is the ripples that will be seen first and foremost as that which has appeared solid and static simply disintegrates. Much like the swell of the ocean behind a vessel can be intense and can cause much disruption for the area around said vessel the same is true for our own personal life experience. Therefore often we will be given validation by the events that occur around us before they occur within us.

It is those around us that have held us in place thru the birthing of the root at spiritual level, we exist in a sort of spiritual web and we are all connected until we are not. Taking out a spiritual root is like cutting back and pruning within a garden.  It is not just the plant that is pruned that is affected, the affect the plant has on all plants around it is also affected and this will become more and more obvious as the healing begins on the taking out of the spiritual root.

It is to be noted that humanity reject all of this at a very deep level due not only to the conditioning that we have all been subject to but also the intensity of the construct of religion that seeks to promote a level of awareness of the spiritual realm which is in TRUTH flawed. There are various areas of the spiritual realm that religion deliberately misleads and misdirects within and this will be revealed as we undergo the full release within the expansion in TRUTH process.

TRUTH stands alone, it does not require to be validated thru the use of knowledge, it remains resolute and cannot be removed. This is also rejected by the majority of humanity who have fallen to the false teachings in respect of "truths", it is never plural, it is always singular and does not depend on the viewpoint or the viewer. It is now being shown to all but many reject it due to the effect that it will have on the entire human life experience itself. We may not like our human life experience but it has become familiar and in the familiarity is the manipulation. Many within humanity are searching for a shinier version of that which they already live not understanding that the ENTIRE human life experience itself is the lie.

We have been denied context, denied connection, denied LOVE in TRUTH and denied TRUTH to staggering levels, uncovering of this is scary for those who seek to hide within the old earth construct/matrix believing that they simply must continue as they have and nothing will change.  This is a dangerous way of working with the old earth construct/matrix because it will cease to exist.  ALL IS CONNECTED TO ALL so it matters not that which is believed, it matters not what the external reality demands TRUTH will out. The places to actually hide are being revealed in order that they are dissolved. In plain terms the ability to hide will be removed as the old earth construct/matrix dissolves.

At this time we are asked to remain IN surrender to Christ and to remember that we are actively choosing to remain IN said surrender. As the storm now intensifies and the outer waking reality begins to break down once more the shelter is found only within the heart space. This is always a choice and the choice has to be taken personally and cannot be taken for any other than ourselves.  We are each here having a human life experience but said experience is now altering, it is aligning with that which has always existed but has been cut off, now it is becoming available and it will remain available.

We are asked to remain on the path that many of us simply cannot physically see at this time but which we are kept to thru our surrender IN Him. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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