Understanding our Creation Purpose in CONTEXT

It can be challenging to put into the context of TRUTH our own Creation in TRUTH purpose

because our human logical mind is so intent on referencing in a linear and logical way. We

can be blinded fully when we have but part of a picture due to the way that the human mind

works against us. As we now take the more tentative steps that we are guided and

SUPPORTED fully to take then the picture will begin to solidify in the context that our own

human logical mind has tried to prevent us from reaching.

This can be highly confusing when we are locked into the linear and logic part of our human

life experience. Often it is the difference between expansion and contraction. When we have

the wrong context we can begin to work against ourselves by trying to alter the perceived

picture because that which our heart space knows is coming up against what our human

logical mind is trying to impose upon us. We are within the default setting of logic and reason until we begin to release this.

It is context that permits the illusion to remain. Take for example that which is occurring in the outer waking reality at this time and the “statistics” that are being used by scientists in respect of the “virus”. We see a set of numbers but are given no context to place it within, we are not given these numbers in relation to other virus or conditions that are affecting humanity at this time. We are not given these numbers per head of population etc. We are given numbers with no context deliberately so that our human logical mind will then create the context and then try to validate it. Hence we have sections of humanity that are behaving in entirely different ways in response to said numbers.

WE ARE given our Creation in TRUTH purpose very early on in the process and we can often

begin to allow it to develop gradually and take shape by removing the residue that comes up for release and which is holding the wrong context in place. This is the balance that we achieve when we are fully surrendered. We then become more aware of how our human logical mind tries to take control and take over. This allows us to see further patterning that is then removed thru the heart space.

It is vital that we allow this to flow at this time for the context is changing and it is changing

rapidly. We get stuck when we hold on to the context definition and do no let it form and take shape by itself. At this time the Old Earth Matrix is pulling out all stops to make the picture as bad as it possibly can because it knows that as we release the frequencies that hold us to false context it will become more and more challenging to delay that which is coming into manifestation. We are therefore held in check until we can understand and work with the context frequency and resolve the holding patterns thru the release of the residue that is internal and holding us in place.

Those around us are set to the default of the false context and the Old Earth Matrix WILL use

them to attempt to delay, to re-route and hold us up. We then become prisoners of our own

logical mind and can go around in circles with this for some time. Wider Creation in TRUTH

gives us a few experiences of this so that we can recognize the false context and build our

skill set that we are here to hone in this our human physical form.

At this time we are expanding dramatically and it may be that the outer waking reality shifts

enormously from “day” to “day”. We must become more adept at flowing with this and

become more confident in living this way.



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