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Understanding PLANTING in TRUTH

We are given so much disinformation that we can become "waterlogged" with it all. Often we will be drowning in said water and it is then time to allow ourselves to dry out,  information for information sake is a bit like buying a hundred loaves of bread and not understanding that the bread in order to nourish has to be consumed but it cannot be consumed all at once. We start with one slice and then we move to the next. Often we will find that we can throw out much of the bread and still be nourished.  It is not about the amount of loaves we have bought but the NOURISHMENT that said loaf offers us.

We have been conditioned to remain in stasis and many within humanity will attempt to enforce said stasis due to the ripple effect that happens unconsciously across the string of human consciousness.  We can become triggered by the actions of someone that we do not know, but who are tugging on the string that joins all of humanity together.  View the neural network of the human logical mind as a ball of string that is tethered at a certain point. As we begin to unravel the string then tugging will begin.  We do not have to be aware of the string being untied, we will respond to the tugging by attempting to enforce our control over the section of string that is attached to our human logical mind.

String theory is not called this for no reason. We are all tied until we are no longer attached, it is the attachments that remain hidden within the generations that BIND humanity together and it is the unbinding that is occurring at this time that is triggering the unconscious response to the outer waking reality.

In order to become independent of the STRING we require to CUT THE SPIRITUAL TIES that hold us to said STRING.  All is hidden in plain view and at this time we are within the changing of SEASONS.  Many are against said changing because it has become human nature (as a response to the dense and heavy conditioning we are subject to) to try to remain in the same place continuously. So take for example a person who has spent a good deal of their working life working hard and has obtained a certain comfortable level of income.  The stasis is the continuation of said level of income which results in the person in this example becoming hostile to any and all change that appears to affect said stasis.

So take this example one step further and add in economics, suddenly the job for life turns into a job that could disappear if certain conditions appear in the outer waking reality, said person in this example will go all out to make sure that said conditions never come into existence, relying on the mind pattern created that stasis has to be achieved in order to maintain the income level.

Changing of seasons involves the dissolving of all that is not TRUTH, it does not entail our enforcing our assumption of what should or should not happen on the outer waking reality. The most challenging aspect of expansion is surrendering to change and trusting that the process will enhance and expand the human life experience. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to behave and react as little children.  Little children when they have adopted a routine will actively rebel when said routine is threatened. Remember the human logical mind projects various outcomes based only on that which it has referenced.  It does not reference experience it references references. The actual experience is anchored within the heart space and the human logical mind then becomes the gatekeeper to the pain that the experience places within the human heart.

So when our human logical mind perceives the reference point once again it takes action to prevent the outcome.  It uses the pain stored in the heart as the reason to avoid the situation.  No one can ever experience the exact same experience more than once, its not possible but the human logical mind works only in absolutes. In order to reach the pain and let the pain go the mind has to be bypassed in order that it can be reset with a valid reference point and not the one that it is using to control.

So strong is the illusion presented by the human logical mind it will begin to manipulate in ways that remain hidden to us and it will actively create that which it is attempting to navigate beyond due to the painful experience remaining in the heart. Remember we are working with both heart and mind.  We do not seek respite only in the mind, the heart space has to be cleansed and it is a very dense optical illusion indeed that is presented that by simply letting go mentally we have effected any change whatsoever. The pain can still be within the heart space, the triggering that happens is the indication of the pain still being present in the heart.  We therefore must detach from the mind and seek our respite within the heart space. Understanding that healing in TRUTH begins in the heart and the mind then catches up. We can mentally let go of the entire world but this will see us still manipulated by the pain that remains stored within the heart space.

What nourishes the heart space is love but love will have been referenced in our walk in the old earth as other than it is in TRUTH. We therefore remain out of LOVE in TRUTH referencing a false love and using our pain and triggering as the reason that we cannot accept LOVE in TRUTH.

As with all wounds the initial flow of cleansing water will sting.  Washing out a wound that has infection in it will see the pain begin but the pain is not what our minds will try to have us believe.  When we surrender to LOVE in TRUTH we will HEAL in TRUTH. We will no longer be on the see saw of heart/mind/escape. We will be able to remain solid in our heart space and allow LOVE to cleanse our vision and our entire human life experience.

We have been conditioned to seek refuge in our thoughts, in our minds, virtual reality has become the only reality for many within humanity due to the intensity of illusion presented by the mind that to soften, to allow LOVE in TRUTH to soften the heart space will see something like death experience and we will wither and die. This is not TRUTH, we are already close to death, carrying a rock in place of an expansive heart, we lose nothing by allowing the nourishment of LOVE in TRUTH to flow through us, it is the WATER OF LIFE and we all require water in order to LIVE.

At this time we are asked to allow the softening, to understand that our vulnerability is our strength, a tree that is brittle will break in the storm,  a brittle heart will shatter, but a pliable one will expand and beat stronger. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in Christ LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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