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Understanding RELEASE in TRUTH

Human language is such that we can become almost tied in knots attempting to place into logical order that which JUST IS.  Many within humanity can happily state that ALL JUST IS but then attempt to define it and in doing so take themselves out of the very moment that is reached when we can accept ALL JUST IS.

Life in this our human physical form has been manipulated and fed back to us, it has taken us to a place where we have no tether other than to the old earth construct/matrix itself and in doing so has us floundering. As the old earth construct/matrix begins to break down and dissolve all that is tethered to it experiences similar.  This standing on shifting sand is the prerequisite for life in Lucifer's terms.  Where we are at the "mercy" of the old earth construct/matrix itself we are dancing with the devil often literally.

Many will attempt to defend this stance, placing an anchor in anything beyond the old earth construct/matrix as a flight of fancy  or "delusion" and yet the entire human race have been within a delusion from the moment they took their first breath.  It is challenging to shift our perception where we are tethered through the connections that we have to those around us and darkness knows this.  We watch hollywood movies and series and are given very deliberate false reference points for that which darkness is to begin with.  It is not some nasty, vile monster that seeks to rip our throats out but whilst we have that reference point everything that is not this can simply walk past us or worse walk with us.  Demons and strongholds are regarded by many within humanity as part of the religious/occult world and have nothing whatsoever to do with everyday waking human life so why should they take a further looks?

Well because this entire dimensional space is RUN on this foundation.  It is not a section of humanity that is susceptible to the manipulation of darkness, it is the entirety of the human population.  NONSENSE says those who have fallen to Christianity,  NONSENSE says those who have walked in the new age realm and are currently wishing everyone around them "namaste".   It is a very clever and very devious play that Lucifer has made in relation to what humanity now accept and that which they do not.

But what is ignored by all of humanity is that it doesnt matter about belief. Whether you believe that darkness is real or not HAS NO EFFECT ON THE MANIPULATION whatsoever. In fact if you dont believe in the devil that is right up his street.  It is very very easy to talk ourselves into believing that nothing so evil could walk this dimensional space after all there are evil people in the world but that doesnt mean that the world itself is evil. WRONG.

We are but vessels for energy in this dimensional space.  We are human physical forms that require an energy to be fully alive within us, otherwise we are not animate.  Such is the conditioning  that humanity undergo within this dimensional space and such is the focus at this time on gender neutrality and whether someone is male or female that we focus only on this and in doing so ignore that which is currently taking up residence within many human physical vessels at this time.  Being male or female or indeed gender fluid changes NOTHING in relation to the human life experience in TRUTH.  Whilst we are pre occupied with gender we fail to see that which is hiding behind the human faces that we interact with on a daily level.

Not all within humanity are human, indeed this dimensional space is now filling up with those who we are forewarned will walk in the end times and they are filling up the spaces PHYSICALLY.  No longer kept at the spiritual level at which they worked they are now filling in at physical level, the acceptance of that which is against TRUTH allows for this to happen and humanity are making it very very easy for them.

We are asked at this time to look beyond the human physical form of those we are interacting with and to FEEL the frequency of the energy that is resident within said form. Only by working at this level can we even begin to understand that which humanity walk within at this time.   Just because the human life experience looks similar to that which it did yesterday does not make it so, primarily because linear does not exist, it is a tool in which to blind humanity.

We are forewarned about events that are now fully taking shape in this dimensional space. Believing or not believing makes no difference because this dimensional space does not exist and is not founded on belief, it is founded on vibration and frequency which is ignored fully by a race that has sought to devour itself as the fear grows and as human turns on human but is human really human.... perhaps we should look deeper and look again.

Human form is but the pre-requisite for walking in this dimensional space, having two arms, two legs and a set of sexual organs that are either female or male does not make a person human, it just gives them a human form. It is the energy within them, the energy that brings said human form to life that is the operating system and we require to begin to understand this to new levels.  Not all operating systems are equal, indeed there are those that have the command of self destruct and in operating such systems will take down more than themselves. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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