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Understanding Salvation in TRUTH

Within the conditioning that all of humanity are subject to is of course the definition of "salvation". Many within the construct of religion fall to the belief that because they believe in Christ that they are "saved", therefore they have achieved salvation. Nothing is further from TRUTH, this false resting point is provided by Lucifer in order that no process of Salvation in TRUTH is fully entered into.

The human logical mind exerts a very strong hold over the human life experience. Just as Christ Himself had to go through the process of understanding who He was and what His Father required of Him, so too do we. It cannot be underestimated the depth of distraction that darkness presents to those who surrender to Christ.

We are asked to remain in full surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ and it is only within this full surrender that we can reach any understanding. Many who proclaim to be "saved" will begin an assault of words and defined meanings of the Word of YHWY with many moving into what is akin to bullying believing that their remit as "saved" people is to crush those around them with said Word of YHWY.

This is not TRUTH, whilst the Word of YHWY is a weapon it is not to be used to crush but rather to stand upon. We do not throw the Word of YHWY at darkness, we stand upon the TRUTH of the Word of YHWY and in doing so rise ABOVE darkness and the deceit of darkness.

At any one moment in the Salvation in TRUTH process we will be blind for the conditioning of Lucifer's world is all consuming. Christ shines His Light upon our journey and shows us that which darkness seeks to keep hidden. We do not go head to head with darkness for there is no requirement to as Christ has already WON the battle for us. Lucifer WANTS the false doctrine of the construct of religion to manipulate followers BACK INTO BATTLE and he does this by hiding the Victory that Christ has already won.

Many within the construct of religion descend into a battle of words, definitions and discussion in relation to the Word of YHWY thus preventing any interaction with the Salvation in TRUTH process. Christ did not take human form so that we would end up discussing Him, He took human form to validate the path was there, to validate that it is possible to step beyond darkness and fully into the Light of TRUTH.

We are asked to remain firm standing on the Word of YHWY and being led by Christ Himself as He illuminates for us personally that which prevents our physical movement out of the manipulation of darkness. As this is illuminated then choices that Lucifer hides from us become visible and we take action we could not reach prior to this. THIS is our walk in the Salvation in TRUTH process, stepping out of deep rooted patterns of behavior and interaction and being cleansed and healed in the process.

All healing in TRUTH is internal for Christ resides in our hearts, guiding us from within whilst validating our movement externally. Thus we provide the very fruit that our spirit grows in order for Christ to reveal and tend to.

If our physical human life experience does not begin to radically alter and shift then we have not entered the Salvation in TRUTH process and are merely sitting at the door falling to the false belief that all we are required to do is open it. In TRUTH we are asked to open the door to Christ and step through it, for in allowing Christ to enter we are shown how to exit. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST Kx

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