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Understanding Salvation in TRUTH

We in this our human form are fed various reference points that our unconscious waking mind stores and uses to create a context in which we then place our human life experience.  The deliberate conditioning of humanity to remain within these reference points blinds us at a conscious waking every day level. We may fully believe that we can see when in TRUTH we will have various blind spots. It is within these blind spots that Lucifer places that which he uses to manipulate our actions, our behavior and our responses.  At no point are we "choosing" in true freedom, we are choosing within the context that our internal reference points create for us. Hence as we grow and begin to age in this our human form we will become more "concrete" in our thoughts and behaviors.

In order to break this mold and to move into "new" pastures we must first of all surrender fully to Christ in order to enter what is termed the "Salvation in TRUTH" process. This sees us begun a journey through which we begin to view our human life experience in the context of TRUTH.  I cannot underline enough that TRUTH is not EXTERNAL, it cannot be found externally, it can only ever be validated through our connection to Christ because He is TRUTH.  His taking human form was for a definitive reason, He walked in TRUTH, revealing TRUTH and moving beyond the very controlled boundaries set by Lucifer for humanity.

We can shout and we can argue but we will always be within the context of that which our human logical mind PERCEIVES is a truth.   Lucifer is adept at creating a smokescreen and most of the said smokescreens are 99% TRUTH, it is the 1% lie that lies in our internal blind spots and remain hidden to us until they are revealed.

Prophesy is unfolding at ever increasing rates and yet remains hidden to humanity who have been fed false reference points for that which is PERCEIVED as a prophesy.  It is our Creator YHWY's will that is done within the Salvation in TRUTH process and often we will find ourselves at a crossroads, except there is no crossroad in TRUTH. It is PERCEIVED as a crossroad due to our internal false reference points.

Many who have chosen to walk with Christ are merely standing at the CROSS, perceiving Salvation itself as just the initial surrender. This sees them live their lives in the context of perceived rules, ritual and rote. Christ did not take human form and then herd the masses back into the churches of the day, He came to call to His Fathers children and challenged everything that humanity believed.  He died so that He could go beyond the perceived "finality" of "death" this He defeated Lucifer.  We too must go beyond all perceptions of what it means to both live and to die within this our human form.

It is entirely possible to live and yet walk in death, just as it is entirely possible to die and to live in TRUTH.  Death is a context,  we die to our old life when we give up and surrender all thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and reactions that we used during our life prior to entering the Salvation in TRUTH process. The process itself is ongoing, there is no final stop, we move into Salvation, are taken to the internal Cross that prevents us from going beyond the "death" of "self" and are then taken into eternal life.  It is the perception of what these terms mean that hold many in situ at this time.

We are asked to stand firm on the Rock that is Christ. Fully surrendering at all moments of all moments to the movement that is now unfolding at a very personal level for those within the Salvation in TRUTH process. To walk WITH and IN Christ beyond the limitations that our human logical mind insists are there. To walk into new pastures, to experience deep and permanent healing, to explore new ways of living and being and to become more and more in harmony with our own Creation purpose.

NO ONE in this human form is here to somehow "make up the numbers" no matter how much Lucifer insists this is so to many within humanity.  We have a purpose, we are often blind to the exact purpose but we are blind because of our reluctance to step outside perceived comfort zones and reactions of those nearest and dearest to us.

At this time we are asked to remain in prayer, for humanity in general, for our friends and loved ones and for ourselves as we now gain in momentum, gain in understanding and are able to release the chains that WE HAVE HELD ON TO. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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