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Understanding Strategy in TRUTH

As the outer waking reality now begins to fully break down we are reminded to remain deep within our heart space. The human logical mind is now going to be pushed into overdrive, this will see mass outcry that will make no sense whatsoever and will see a reality that many are trying hard to wake up from. It has long been foretold therefore we are forewarned and forearmed. We are not held hostage unless we are resonating with that which is presented to the human logical mind. Take out the root frequency and the picture dissolves as we walk thru it.

Many within humanity will lock themselves into the nightmare scenario that is now being presented thru the use solely of their human logical mind. The mind will create things that simply do not exist because it has been PRIMED to. The reference points laid down in the years leading up this current point are then triggered and humanity then begin to work with a landscape that changes depending upon the emotional residue that is triggered at any one time.

It is not TRUTH to simply hunker down and believe that we just have to obey and suddenly the keys appear, the Old Earth Matrix is revealing that which has always been there, humanity were simply too distracted to notice. It is interesting to note that the strategy used at this time is that of denial of social activity. This is a deliberate strategy designed to maximize the fear reaction to the distance that is perceived by those involved. In TRUTH WE ARE connected but on the human physical plane said connection only reveals itself if it is TRUTH. The disconnection that is being revealed sits on a different plane of reality that the human logical mind denies.

If we were to describe the waking reality in words at this time we would think that we were reading some sort of torture manual and that is precisely what is being created. The Old Earth Matrix knows where to strike in order to gain obedience as it has spent 7000 cycles gathering the data that it required in respect of humanity in general.

For those who are 144,000 detailed information and guidance is thru the 144,000 blog that is subscription only and available via the main ORION PORTAL website. WE ARE not alone.



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