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Understanding the broken self in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form are heavily conditioned and in being so conditioned we accept that which is not TRUTH much more readily that when TRUTH is revealed. We are conditioned to continually fuel our inner rebellion and none so more when it hits the triggers in our internal emotional landscape. The self is a conditioned construct that begins the moment that take our first breath when we are born into this outer waking reality. It is a construct that is patrolled by the soul construct. It is a fragment of the soul that is taken as separate but is an integral part of said human soul construct.

We are heavily conditioned to define "self" through our outer waking reality. We use the tools provided by the false reality into which humanity are birthed. The reactions of those closest to us and especially our immediate caregivers create a foundation upon which the self construct is run.  This sits at an unconscious waking mind level within the human logical mind.  It is a complex construction that is created in order that we limit our human waking life experience itself.  No matter what we are taught, no matter what we learn and no matter how much supposed "knowledge" we build as we walk through this our human life experience the self is the knife that cuts us internally.

The self construct is designed to divide and separate us from that which is binding us. It is akin to hiding a knife within a drawer and hiding said drawer. We do not ever see the knife if we even reach the drawer because it changes its shape and becomes a spoon. It is not by accident that within the 'Matrix" trilogy the spoon symbolism is used repeatedly. It is not about bending the spoon as stated in the film, it is about seeing the spoon for that which it is and handing it back. If we allow ourselves to "play" with the spoon then we will hurt ourselves and often we will hurt ourselves and call it "learning". We do not have to bleed to know we have blood in our veins.  There is no servitude in the "lesson" yet many within humanity repeatedly allow the lesson believing they are somehow learning and therefore come to the logical conclusion they are somehow expanding.  Learning does not equal expansion just as one plus one does not equal two.  It is purely logic and designed to hide TRUTH.

As prophesy now expands towards completion that which has held humanity in chains will be revealed but it will reveal using the cloak and daggers which allows it to have remained hidden.  We are shown the knife drawer and all the tools that the soul construct has used to manipulate us into allowing it to remain, but many will not accept the tools are used against us, many will defend the tools themselves and attempt to show to excess that the tools are simply tools and do no damage at all.

Revelation 22:5 (KJV)

And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

When the false light is removed the darkness will consume all who have have used the false light.  In order to find our way out of said darkness we require the LIGHT of TRUTH which has never and will never go out.


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