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Understanding the CONTEXT of the LIE that is non TRUTH

We are a heavily conditioned race, indeed we are so steeped in "family patterning", "cultural etiquette" and 'nationality" that is becomes increasingly challenging to even see the transparent box that this places us within.  The more conditioning we have been subject to the more transparent the context that we are using becomes.  It is CONTEXT that is used to hide TRUTH, when we are given pieces of information the human logical mind requires to place said information into a context.  We will do this based on how we have been conditioned to approach context. So depending on where we have been born in the dimensional space that has been accepted as "earth" plays a huge part in where we place said information.  Then the next layer will be "family patterning", whether we align with said patterning or not it is both sides of the same coin. So when a family member makes the decision to go against traditional family patterning they are still within the same context, they are just approaching the picture from a slightly different angle.

It is akin to standing in a square room with your relatives in one corner and you in an opposing corner, you will use the same context, that is the room you are within but your information will be slightly different. What remains hidden to ALL is that the room you are all within has not changed, simply the view.

Now take this wider to the rest of humanity and we can see how belief structures work, view the dimensional space that is "earth" as a flat square, those with the same belief structures will stand in the same parts of the dimensional space, debates will ensue between the corners of said dimensional space but the DIMENSIONAL SPACE REMAINS the same. Of course the larger the dimensional space used as the fabric and foundation the easier it is to hide this TRUTH.

So we exist within said space until we can first of all understand that we are contained within a space, then until we can understand that we are contained within the section of belief that we have aligned with and so the layers are unveiled.  What still requires to happen to all within the dimensional space is the movement OUT of said space and BEYOND said space.

There are those who are DELIBERATELY placed within the dimensional space who's entire purpose is to keep those within the space within the space. As peoples view begins to shift they will shift corners of the space, they will appear to make movement but remember it is all within the dimensional space which is the room in the example.  There are DELIBERATELY placed door holders who have the role to keep the doors to the dimensional space not only hidden but CLOSED.   They all work on a specific FREQUENCY and in order to actually see the door and then move through it and beyond it we require to alter our frequency so that we become invisible to them.

FREQUENCY CAN ONLY SEE FREQUENCY within the same bandwidth. Move out of a frequency bandwidth and you become invisible.  This is the next phase we are moving into, to align more fully with TRUTH which is the highest frequency that exists. This allows us to move into spaces that we are prevented from reaching due to the frequency monitoring that occurs within the space.  It is not about moving around the "room" but on EXITING SAID ROOM.

For those who have aligned with the belief system that we simply have to go "higher" in order to move in frequency, frequency is not linear, it is all places in all directions at once. So going back to the example used of the room, many are simply levitating above the floor but they remain still within the same room. Many are now touching the ceiling believing they are somehow more awake but again remain in the same room.

The wave that now floods through humanity will wash away the remaining veils and many will go straight into denial when it is revealed exactly what this dimensional space actually is and what they have participated within due their acceptance of the room being other than it is in TRUTH.

Much like NOAH in Genesis (whether humanity believe or not is irrelevant, the example remains TRUTH, it is the context that was altered) that which is corrupt remains corrupt and will not be able to exit the dimensional space because IT IS THE VERY FABRIC OF IT.

We are asked to make the movement when the door opens and our frequency aligns, the door is a one way journey for it is movement TOWARDS TRUTH and can only ever get stronger.  That which may delay many from moving is the illusion presented that anything that we have lived previously contained even a grain of TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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