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Understanding the CONTRACT in TRUTH

As a species humanity are conditioned to search for "meaning" and "placement" both which manifest and amplify the separation that exists within us until it is removed and cleansed.  Much like we would not attempt to glue together a broken mirror we are not required to somehow "find the pieces" of the broken lives that we live within in the old earth construct. The construct itself is hidden due to the deep pain and separation that seeks to blind us, when we feel something is painful we react in one of two ways, we get angry or we go into denial and attempt to quieten the pain by walking around it.

So strong is this within us that we begin to walk in ways that seem to be very complicated, avoiding or attempting to avoid the deepest pain believing that if we avoid then we are somehow "winning" a battle. What we fail to see in this our human form is that the broken glass that we stand upon is ourselves. WE ARE THE BROKEN PAIN OF GLASS, it is the reflection of the fractures that exist within our human vehicle itself.

Who broke the glass? our soul.  It fractured itself each and every time it incarnated into a human vehicle. So strong is the illusion around the word soul that many are actively attempting to navigate the broken mirror. Attempting to view that which is obscured not understanding that the broken mirror prevents all and every view that is beyond said broken glass. It is akin to driving a vehicle with a broken windshield.  Its dangerous and of course it is highly distracting.

As the book of Revelation gathers in its energy and it gathers in momentum the view through the broken glass becomes more and more distorted. We are within an outer waking reality that seeks to have us search, to research and to somehow solve, something that we are never required to do.  When we are approaching the most painful part of our inner emotional landscape then the "safety mechanism" within the human soul kicks in. We will feel ourselves highly frustrated, confused and we will feel a distant anger begin to arise within us.  Indeed we will find that in our personal human life experience there suddenly begins a huge distraction that seeks to draw our attention in order that we almost forget that which we were approaching.

This need to feel "safe" and to feel " loved" is an illusion for we are already safe and loved but in order to understand this we require to let go of all the doubts, the fears and anxiety that life within the old earth throws at us.  Waking up is not somehow seeing that we have a soul and a human vehicle, waking up in TRUTH sees us hand back that which IS the separation which is the human soul itself. Its entire purpose is to give the illusion of united separation.  This is false unity, to be unified is to be at one with our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. It is not aligning ourselves with ANYTHING that the soul demands for the soul is the broken glass placed within us in order that we remain chained to the construct.

It is akin to placing a human in a jail cell that is other than it appears. We may not see the bars on the windows, indeed they are invisible but it is still a jail cell and the soul will make sure that it remains hidden, sitting in the corner giving words of encouragement of how to make the jail cell look prettier, more fragrant and more adaptable, but it is still a jail cell.  Freedom lies beyond the human soul, the human soul places death before us in an attempt to make us recoil, for we have been conditioned to fear death, this of course can be manifest in a manner of ways.  We are in fear of death if we fear the loss of a job, we are in fear of death if we fear the loss of our dreams, we are in fear of death if we fear the loss of those closest to us. The circle of fear is a spiral that is designed to stop us in our tracks.

Change is part and parcel of TRUTH, nothing remains static no matter how we wish it to be, change and expansion are TRUTH. What is not TRUTH is our control of said change and expansion and our reactions when we fear we are somehow losing control. We are not in control on ANY level whatsoever, we have simply been conditioned to believe that we are.

At this time vast changes are now happening within humanity and within the construct in which humanity are born. The cracks that once were invisible to us will now appear and we must hand them back for they obstruct our vision.  We no longer require to walk on broken glass, indeed we were never created to walk on that path ever. We were simply placed upon it by darkness and told to wear comfortable shoes. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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