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Understanding the DEEP HEART SPACE in TRUTH

WE ARE asked to understand the CONNECTED nature of ALL things in TRUTH. WE ARE always connected for WE ARE. At this time WE ARE asked to understand that we connect and communicate thru the deep heart space, the external communications then show up as a direct reflection of the work done at deep heart level.

The "impossible" then becomes possible and the miracles that we are GRACED thru our Creator begin to manifest in TRUTH. There is nothing that we cannot do but the human life experience has been curtailed, contained and bound to a frequency that denies this fully. Therefore we must be ever vigilant and work to release the perceived boundaries that we come across in our daily life experience.

If we feel we are standing at a brick wall for example we go deep within and ask for understanding as to why the wall is there, in TRUTH there are NO WALLS TO THE HUMAN LIFE EXPERIENCE. As we begin to hone this skill we become more and more adept at understanding the limitations that sit at unconscious waking mind level, we begin to move the internal and the external follows suit because it has no other option. WE PROJECT from the inside out, we are walking movie projectors. If you do not like the movie that you are part of then change it INTERNALLY. As the internal changes then vast movement is made externally.



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