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Understanding the drama in TRUTH

What part are you CURRENTLY playing in the life experience that humanity are playing out at this time? This may seem a rather obvious question but our default position is usually to place our focus on those around us and not on the part that those around us are actively attempting to keep us within.

Understanding the part that others want to keep us within is a major part of understanding the actual drama that is being walked thru and how we can alter and dissolve it fully. As with all ROOT tethering it is important that we do not focus on the manifestations of the tethering but look to the root and then take it out. Only then can the manifestation dissolve fully giving a win/win situation to all involved and thus defeating that which walks this dimensional space unseen.

At this time we are moving into a space where the veils are the thinnest they will be at any given time in this dimensional space. WE ARE being guided thru the forest that contains the deepest roots for the trees in this forest are ANCIENT and have been there since the beginning of humanity itself.

In the outer waking reality are a host of distractions to keep humanity entertained and to keep their focus away from the roots of the trees, for those who planted said trees understand that taking the root of the tree involves the death of all that manifests from said tree.

WE ARE forewarned of this walk therefore we are prepared for this walk. As we uproot and sever our connection to said root we walk in freedom, as we walk thru this forest we are protected fully by our surrender IN Christ as He takes us to the individual trees and hands us the tools to fell the tree.

The forest that has blinded us, had us wandering lost and alone suddenly becomes a place of untold sunshine as we feel the warmth of the forbidden son on our skin and we are for the first time ever able to see where we are. ONLY FROM A PLACE OF TRUTH can we then set out on our journey beyond the forest. Until then we are bound by the roots that seek to hold us fully in place.



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