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Understanding the ECHO of fear frequency in TRUTH

Humanity are quarantined within a dimensional space that is created using FREQUENCY and BANDWIDTH. This is further locked down (note the phrase) thru the human physical vehicle and its internal walls that are manifest as EMOTIONAL DEBRIS. as we radiate frequency and receive frequency we do so thru the rules that the Old Earth Matrix created upon its manifestations. That sound travels and then repeats itself. It is this ECHO that is manifest in the physical plane thru human language at this time.

How many times is the phrase "the new normal" mentioned thru social media sites and news outlets? this is the manifestation of a frequency at a human physical level in SPEECH. ALL frequency and vibration manifest into the physical. From trees to cars to plants to animals all is a manifestation of frequency but that which is hidden from humanity is the ECHO that occurs within a confined space. The dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" is such a confined space. The human physical vehicle itself is such a confined space.

When frequency hits a dead spot, that which ABSORBS frequency then it is muffled but it is send back as an echo. So in everyday waking life terms the riots, the unrest, the general unease within humanity that is being witnessed is the ECHO that has always been present manifest in the PHYSICAL. This manifestation in the physical has been veiled but as we are promised in the END GAME, all becomes physical on the physical plane of existence where humanity live and experience their waking life.

In order to work with the ECHO we have to remove the internal walls that are created thru emotional debris resulting from all, any and every trauma that we have endured as a race and more directly as a physical human being. This is being addressed at this time, we will be shown the emotional debris as the ECHO and the wall that is permitting the ECHO to repeat. Once taken out then the frequency no longer can manifest.

Many get trapped in this frequency echo, experiencing, then reacting only to have the experience resonate repeatedly. This is not TRUTH and is not support in Wider Creation in TRUTH. We are forbidden to move forward within PHASE TWO of the ascension to full evolution carrying any, all and every ECHO because it it DISRUPTS, it is why it was created within the Old Earth Matrix, it is DESIGNED to disrupt.

At this time we are asked to be more vigilant with that which is revealed to us personally and where we are opposed greatly to look again. ECHO is not your friend, it works against you to maintain the division and separation that is REQUIRED by this dimensional space in order to control and to confuse. It scrambles the signal from SOURCE and it scrambles the dimensional layers. View it akin to interference on a tv screen.

It is now time to address that which has remained hidden thru the use of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH for LOVE in TRUTH is akin to a laser and is being used at this time to REMOVE the bondage that has enslaved this species since it was created.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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