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Understanding the false route in TRUTH

Navigation is something that we do by default, humanity are conditioned from the moment they are born to look around them and use the navigation points that are given to them in order to work out where they are. This is done thru their peers first of all but also done thru the family dynamics and hidden landscapes. How do we know when to get married? how do we know when to have a child? it may seem that these are life events and are spontaneous but the directions and navigation points for them lie in our unconscious. If our parents had us at a young age then our navigation point will be similar and we will find family traits such as having children younger. It may look like it is spontaneous but it is not. We will find that we are pushed into these navigation points if we seem to stray. For the example of having children, if we reach the age where our parents became parents and we go past this age without reproducing we may find our parents triggering us by making comments about wanting to be grandparents. The comments are a frequency designed to trigger the unconscious navigation points that we were conditioned to accept when we were a child.

The above is just one example, there are navigation points for absolutely everything in the human life experience and they are used by humanity to find their way thru the human life experience. The more locked into the navigation points someone is the more resistant they are to those around them making movement that is out with said navigation points. So we will find various barbed comments being placed around us by those in the outer waking life experience in order to try to force our navigation back into the path that humanity believe (thru the repetitive conditioning) that we must be moving.

At this time within the 144,000 these false navigation points are being highlighted. We are opposed when we attempt to use them because they are not TRUTH. Just because humanity believe something and do something does not make that something TRUTH, humanity are a highly conditioned and extremely volatile race, they are akin to small children who have never left the sandpit and yet the outer waking reality will seek to hide this. We can see it clearly in some of the behaviors that are being displayed in those around us at this time. The actual age of the human physical vehicle is negligible, indeed it is often hidden in the older generations who play a very intense game with the younger generations. Behavior that would not be tolerated in the younger generations is simply accepted in the older generations because it is seen as part and parcel of "old age". It is not, it is a well design mechanism for keeping humanity locked into false routes and maintain the shipping lanes as it were.

So if humanity are forced unconsciously into shipping lanes who owns and controls the shipping lanes? why are the lanes kept tightly patrolled and controlled? We must look at the cargo that is being moved around in order to answer the question. Darkness controls the shipping lanes and often the actual ship itself. We will see certain emotional debris being moved around much more easily and quicker than other emotional debris. The most obvious one is anger, the shipping lanes for anger vessels are widening, indeed they cover the entire ocean and new ships are being added to these lanes daily. So much traffic is being poured thru these lanes that other lanes are simply being taken over and we can see this again in the outer waking reality as anger begins to seep into every aspect of the waking life experience.

When we are surrendered in our deep heart space we are asked to come out of the shipping lanes. We are given the navigation routes and we are given the tools necessary to upgrade any damage down to our vessel. However there are times when the old navigation routes will attempt to spring to life, this is occurring just now and is a default setting sitting in the unconscious part of our human logical mind. We SEE the old navigation routes very very clearly, we see them and we are not part of them so this triggers our human logical mind into believing that since the shipping lanes are full and we appear to be navigating where there is no traffic that somehow we are in the wrong lane. This is a dense and intense optical illusion and one that we must surrender back to Christ at every opportunity until ALL false navigation co ordinates have been removed.

We cannot re enter the old shipping lanes, they have one circular direction and we cannot keep going around in circles, that is not our remit. We will be forced to drop anchor until we remove the false navigation points that are trying to spring to life, this is done to protect us. There is a flood that is coming and the flood will hit all, every and any circular shipping lane because they are not TRUTH. We therefore cannot re enter non TRUTH, the frequency is not resonant but because it has a sub echo (the false navigation points give off an echo) it will appear to our human naked eyes that we have to reset our route.

At this time we are asked to adhere to the dropping of the anchor, the anchor of course is Christ, He is our captain and He knows the way home for He came to retrieve us from the Old Earth Matrix to take us there. It is us we are waiting upon, the human ego will try to tell us that we already know where we are going but we do not. Humanity have no idea where they are in TRUTH, they have no idea who they are in TRUTH, so we must now dissolve all that seeks to tell us a lost race has any answers whatsoever.



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