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Understanding the FOG of Clarity in TRUTH

For many who have taken the human physical form that this dimensional space demands the outer waking world is becoming akin to a dreamscape, things that were never expected to occur suddenly appear and the usual "logic" and "linear" of events seems to be dissolving. This is part of the taking down of the experience parameters that have locked the human physical form itself into a very narrow and very dense frequency bandwidth. As this now expands and alters then the human life experience will begin to wobble, reality will begin to reveal itself and that which is TRUTH will be seen ONLY BY THOSE WHO ARE BLIND TO THE OLD 3D EARTH MATRIX.

Why do we have to become blind to it? there are many who are running with the "see this" false teachings that do nothing other than trigger deep trauma within the human physical vehicle at genetic level and push many into a landscape of more illusion. Much like the film "birdbox" that was recently released WE DO NOT REQUIRE TO SEE THE DEMONS, WE ARE more than aware of what they are and why they are however the human physical vehicle into which we have incarnated tends to get distracted by the pretty pictures they create. Many simply assume that demons will present horrific scenarios but this is non TRUTH. A demon can present a picture of pure bliss what it hides is the COST of said picture.

As we now begin to hone the skill set that we brought to this dimensional space we will become adept at walking blind to the Old Earth Matrix but fully seeing TRUTH. This is a balance that many simply refuse so tempting it can be to look at chaos and want to scream to those who interact with it. THIS IS THE SLIGHT OF HAND USED BY DARKNESS, it is the hook that is catching many at this time.

WE came here in order to move out of the illusion and we cannot do this by looking over our shoulders at each and every opportunity so Christ blesses us with the COVER OF HIS BLOOD, this blinds us to that which walks with us as we now WALK OUT of the illusion and we moved into the frequency bandwidth that will now permit us to understand that which is fought over by a race that have no idea who they are, let alone what they were created for.

It is a time of VAST transformation and WE ARE here to now lay down the weapons that we were armed with upon our incarnation into this dimensional space. They are a frequency that is not permitted in Wider Creation in TRUTH for they divide at all moments of all moments. Disarmed we are then given the full ARMOR of CREATOR in order that we can now move silently across the battlefield and reach the land beyond. For it is in this land beyond that we begin to build in order that those who can exit the battlefield upon the VICTORY already ONE will live in TRUTH.



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