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Understanding the fragility of the human logical mind in TRUTH

So much emphasis is placed on the outer waking reality and so much conditioning is placed upon humanity in relation to "thinking" that when the outer waking reality no longer aligns with that which the human logical mind "expects" there comes a breaking down that often remains hidden until it actually begins.

There are many within humanity who are at this time trapped in the very logical assumption that "knowledge is power" and this is now being revealed for the lie that it is in TRUTH.  A strong mind does not make a man, a STRONG HEART does.  It is not what man does, it is who man IS that his strength comes from and this has nothing to do with the labels that humanity are conditioned to apply to those around them.

Strength comes from deep within the heart space, the human male has been attacked on all levels of this false creation in order that this is kept hidden. Many human males are taken to the edge deliberately in an attempt to break them that remains hidden to many especially the human female.  The strength of a man is in his ability to open his heart and to love, all else is illusion.   The old earth construct/matrix knows this and took the human male and weaponized him but not in the very obvious way, it weaponized him by separating him fully from his heart space.  This allowed for a hollowness to emerge within the human male that he then seeks to fill and because he is separated from his deep heart space he becomes easily manipulated in what to fill said hollowness with.

Now take the human female who is conditioned heavily to remain separate from the human male.  Attacking him by telling him that she is his equal which is not TRUTH, both the human male and the human female do not equate on any level of wider creation in TRUTH to be "equal" because "equal" defines and by definition becomes containment. THEY ARE full stop.  The gladiator games that has since been played by darkness pitting the human female against the human male has created a manifestation that is now so corrupt that it has begun destroying itself.

LOVE in TRUTH is the foundation of wider creation in TRUTH because IT IS.  When we seek to define ourselves through the various reference labels that are provided within the old earth construct/matrix we move into full rebellion and separation.   WE ARE full stop no referencing needed.

The human female is now adrift with no anchor as is the human male who has sought to find an anchor in the outer waking reality through labeling and trying to be that which is accepted by the old earth construct/matrix.  It is not possible because the outer waking reality is simply a manifestation of the pain, separation and trauma that is seeded within humanity, it is the reflection of humanity itself.

In order for the movement to shift back to align with TRUTH all labels have to removed and one of the most challenging for the human female is to allow the human male to LOVE in TRUTH.  The human male has been wounded deliberately because together the human male and a human female have a 360 degree view of the outer waking reality.  The human male views in a slightly different way to the human female and this is required in order that said 360 degree view gives a context. Without it then we see half the picture, we assume the rest and in doing so are moved out of place and are manipulated further and further, becoming totally lost along the way.

So conditioned are we in this human physical form to see only the human physical vehicle in front of us, we do not see that which has taken up residence within it.  To see a human male and assume that "he" is male is one of the deepest illusions that darkness uses likewise with a human female. The "war" of the sexes is a creation of the old earth construct/matrix because without it the reaping of deep emotional pain cannot take place.

At this time the opening of the deep heart space and the anchoring of our SPIRIT in TRUTH is revealing that which the human male has born and that which the human female has also born.  Comparing the two is irrelevant because PAIN IS PAIN, it matters not if someone has a broken leg and someone else has a broken shoulder, both are experiencing PAIN and yet the old earth construct/matrix will have us move into the illusion of the "type" of pain mattering.

ALL pain is the separation that has to be healed and none more so than between the human male and the human female. BOTH have been manipulated and both have been deeply hurt in the process and there is window that now opens for deep healing to be accepted. First of all we must lay down the weapons that we were handed upon entry into this dimensional space, the weapons that we use with little thought and which are unseen by the majority of humanity.  We are conditioned to turn on one another because that is what the creators of this dimensional space require.

For many within humanity the pain is so great that this will be beyond them and they will retreat with their weapons. The CHOICE is personal to allow movement into the healing and the reparation, it is not forced because all is choice and we take this choice at a spiritual level first and foremost.  Separation is the tool of choice for darkness because of the gulf that is created into which it sets up base camp.

Separation is not TRUTH, we can only move into wider creation in TRUTH when separation is dissolved otherwise we will shatter fully. At this time the battle that has raged forever within humanity will begin to flare again as the last assault of darkness now seeks to teach humanity that the enemy is within. This is the false truth of darkness, the enemy is within in that it is seeded internally but it is fueled externally by that which cannot be seen by the naked human eyes.


We must now understand more fully that which we have been subject to in order to side step the emotional mines that darkness planted en route OUT of the old earth construct/matrix. More often than not it is the human male who senses them first and if the human female does not listen or worse ignores then the resulting "blow up" blinds them both. It is now time to work in UNITY and to dissolve all, any and every separation by allowing the healing of the pain that manifests said separation at a human physical waking level. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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