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Understanding the FUTILITY of TIME in TRUTH

WE in this our human physical form spend a great deal of "time" wondering, worrying, working, rushing - fill in any adjective. It is akin to being on a hamster wheel and trying to race ahead, how often do we think "if I can just get this done I will be ahead of myself". Of course this is a mind game, it is not possible to get ahead of yourself, in TRUTH there is the present moment (a small window) and nothing else. It is like breathing, once the breath is breathed you cannot breathe the same one again.

The human logical mind LOVES this mind game, it will play as long as it can and the longer we entertain it the more that we become distracted and drawn into the web that is the Old Earth Matrix. We live assuming that "time" means the same to every living creature within this dimensional space but how can that be when each living creature is within its own bubble of reality?

This "festive" period is like no other, the rushing around, the trying to "beat" the proposed lock downs. The rushing around trying to get a "normal" life before the iron bars once more slam shut on what was a human life experience. All of this of course creating a time stream that only exists within the human logical mind and nowhere else. In TRUTH the jailor IS time itself, it tries to lock people, places and events in pockets that are unobtainable and yet this too is a lie. For all can and will change if we use the keys that we have in order to UNLOCK the iron bars that are used.

The greatest prison that humanity are kept within is their own human logical mind. Entrap the mind and it matters not what you do with the actual body because the body will follow the mind. At this time we are breaking free from this prison and as we do so we will begin to understand the role of the prison itself, why the human logical mind is used to control and how to step out of it.

At this time of the "linear year", humanity are reminded who is in control thru the guards walking the hallways, running their batons across the iron bars that the human being sits locked behind. Taunting, decrying and many within humanity simply sit still and permit the torture. Worse many within humanity begin to bargain with the guard, believing that if they pay off the guard that the guard will leave them alone. Which the guard does for short bursts of time depending on the bargaining that is done.

In order to break out we must simply go deep within the heart space and enforce our authority and sovereignty IN Christ. To realize that there is no way to bargain with the human logical mind because it is only connected to the Old Earth Matrix. It is akin to trying persuade a computer to turn itself on when the fuse in the plug has blown and the computer sits with a blank screen. The fuse is blown because the force of frequency (the currency) is too much for the fuse. The fuse is the human physical vehicle itself.

At this time many are simply the walking dead due to the power surges that have taken place within this dimensional space. It is useless to try to switch them back on again, they were switched off for a reason. Not all who walk this space are who they appear to be.

We are asked to walk past the dead machines and out into the spaces beyond.



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