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Understanding the GIFT of FREEDOM in TRUTH

We are conditioned within the human life experience to accept that which is presented to us on various levels. It is our early life experience that outlines a context from which we then set out to live our human life experience.  The soul construct is that which is birthed within us upon us taking our first breath in this our human form.  Without a soul contract we would not be able to understand the world that we are birthed into.  It is like the inner guidance system for our human life experience.  This is not news to anyone however the context in which the soul is given to us is hidden. Why do we need a soul?

We require a soul in order to EXPERIENCE the pain, separation, trauma and death that Lucifer's world is designed to manifest.  What attracts life events to us, people, experience and trauma is held within the deepest parts of the soul.  When we die our soul is released from our human vehicle and it goes back into the line ready to be birthed into human form once again. This remains hidden to many within humanity who have allowed the very deep and continual conditioning of human language to hide TRUTH from them.

Our SPIRIT is a gift from our Creator YHWY, it is our SPIRIT which is part of wider creation, it is our SPIRIT that recognizes TRUTH and it is our SPIRIT that walks with Christ within our human life experience.  In order to house our SPIRIT we require to surrender FULLY to the release of the soul, this is done as part of our walk within the Salvation in TRUTH process that many are within at this time.

The soul is the black box as it were to human life in Lucifer's terms. The rebellion, the pain, the anxiety, the fear, all of it is stored within the soul and is triggered at various life event stages within the human life experience itself. In order to move past this and to walk in TRUTH the soul has to be released in order that the SPIRIT can anchor fully.  Both CANNOT inhabit the housing which is our human vehicle.

So what is the difference between the soul and the SPIRIT?  the main difference is the agenda that is in play. The soul works to divide, to run the ego, to control, to fight, to rebel and to seek justice at a human waking level.  It does this by blinding its host to that which is playing out. When we look out onto the world we look through the lens provided by the soul. This sees us see separation ,pain, trauma and sees us view the rest of humanity as something to be fought within, to rebel against, to attempt to change etc. ALL is part and parcel of the innate rebellion that began when Lucifer was cast out.

The SPIRIT is where we find peace, harmony, unity and love in TRUTH.  The soul will provide a version of love but it will be based on the inner rebellion and seeking to somehow provide a role for the ego.  LOVE HAS NO EGO for LOVE LOVES.1 Corinthians 13:4 (KJV) Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

We must allow our surrender to lead us to understanding which allows us to bypass the inner compass that the soul runs until we let go fully and allow the soul to be released through Christ. It is not possible to do this without an active connection to Christ for the soul has an inbuilt safety mechanism. Much like malware on a pc will seek to hide itself and work unseen the soul has the same agenda. Indeed when we first approach the soul to seek TRUTH it will act like a small child and will begin to trigger past experience of pain and separation. It will see deep frustration, anger and anxiety rise up within us but this is not of our Creator YHWY, fear is of Lucifer.

No matter how much we attempt to tame the soul we will find it works to pull the rug out from under us which is why like malware it must be removed for it will begin to affect the operating system. We require a foundation from which to live in this our human form and this system must be TRUTH in order to move out of distortion and into wider creation in TRUTH.

Lucifer is not permitted to move into wider creation, when he was cast out he was earth bound for good reason. His rebellion is confined to a certain dimension level and a certain bandwidth. Out with both he has no permission and as we move towards the outer levels of confinement we will find that he pulls out all stops providing the illusion that we require to keep hold of the soul.  It is spyware, it is rebellion and needs release. When we move into wider creation we find the peace and tranquility that we know deep down exists but moves as we try to approach it. The soul is not TRUTH, the SPIRIT that we are gifted through the grace and love of our Creator YHWY is and this will now begin to anchor for many within the Salvation in TRUTH process.

Just because something is believed does not make it TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS, it is the 1% of a lie that makes it a lie and this will now be revealed at a world level in order that prophesy can now be revealed in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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