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Understanding the "hidden drivers" of the human life experience in TRUTH

We are each in this our human physical form "driven" by something, whether this is a need to be seen, a need to be the best in our social class or even to break the patterns of our family in general, these drivers are often very very obvious.  A competitive child will grow up to be a competitive adult and often this will be phrased in a way that seeks to hide what is really going on "oh he has always been driven" is a well used and well known human phrase that is bandied about and seeks to have us explore no further.

So what is it that sits at an unconscious waking mind level that stirs up that deep seated emotions that manifest as these drivers?   It is the need to prove a belief and this belief will remain hidden to the believer in a variety of ways.  We may set out on the journey into adult hood with the need to prove our parents wrong, or the need to prove that school teacher wrong, we see this all the time but what we do not recognize is how this impacts our entire human life experience.

There are very specific areas of the human life experience that are laid down and which drive our entire existence and these are not anchored within us, they are anchored AROUND US.  We may try to break free of the influence of these beliefs and yet find ourselves continually facing them.  Those who share our frequency, those who share our belief system will always defend it and they will do so to the detriment of the whole. The sum of the parts is always greater than the whole because the anchoring is done within the old earth construct/matrix itself. Where we find a belief system that is readily accepted by a vast amount of humanity we will find a false anchor because without this anchor humanity would be able to challenge said beliefs and to expand and to evolve, but cannot due to these false anchors.

ALL false anchors are in relation to the human life experience at a very physical human everyday level, they do not require to be spiritual because they are created to keep the human physical body in a frequency that prevents spiritual manifestation.  This is denied by many within humanity who seek to have us believe (again the belief anchor) that humanity are somehow evolving physically. We are held in stasis physically by the belief that sets like concrete around our human physical form. Where we believe something is solid and set in stone and cannot be altered we find a false anchor.

Within our immediate family structure there are false anchors in relation to the human physical form and these are readily accepted.  These will vary from illness at a physical level which is very physical, heart disease, lung disease etc are examples of very physical illness.  Mental health is not one of these anchors because all mental health is anchored at a spiritual level.  It is the physical ailments that seek to have us fall to a belief that the human physical body is other than it is in TRUTH.

At this time we are being unbound from these physical anchors and this is playing havoc with the human logical mind which is attempting to prove the anchors to be true and in doing so is holding many hostage at this time.  We are more than we can ever understand at this phase of the evolution process but we have been bombarded with various false pictures that we have readily and easily absorbed due to the intense and continual conditioning that seeks to have us place our own human physical body in the hands of those around us.

We as a spirit are able to control and to adapt our human physical body to anything that our spirit requires it to be adapted to. The hard-wiring that we are now addressing at a very physical everyday human level was placed there to interrupt this process and to have us move into denial of our own human vehicle.  We exist within it continually and this existence should have us knowing our own human physical vehicle to intense levels but still the teaching remains that somehow other more "qualified" human beings know more about our human physical vehicle than we do.  They cannot because they do not inhabit our human physical form, we do.

This taking back of responsibility and control is a vital step in the evolution process and one that we must surrender to fully for without full control of the human physical body we are subject to hijacking and to further manipulation by those around us who are here to validate only the old earth construct/matrix and in doing so attempt to have us delay and stop our own evolution process by moving us back into doubt.

At this time hidden false anchors are now being illuminated in order they can be handed over to Christ and the bonds severed. We do not require the acceptance of humanity, we do not require their permission over our own human vehicles in order to move into the next phase of our evolution process despite there being unwritten rules that this has to take place, this permission teaching is a false anchor in and of itself.

We have a home in this dimensional space for a very limited time period indeed but this is due to the conditioning and self sabotage bindings that sit within the human vehicle itself.  Humanity know this as DNA/RNA and fully believe that which "science" and others maintain is solid and firm in relation to its role within this dimensional space.  ALL JUST IS and we are now moved into validation of our own authority and sovereignty of our own "house" by our spirit in TRUTH. Without this phase manifesting and without undergoing this phase we would be limited at a very physical human everyday waking level and in being so deterred from that which we are here to BE in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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