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Understanding the illusion of "innocence" in TRUTH

Such is the intense and continued conditioning that we are subject to in this our human form we are often manipulated through our own interpretation of that which is presented.  We use false reference points because we allow our human logical mind to filter that which is being presented.  Whilst we may wish to live a "heart centered" existence we must remember we exist within a construct that is anything but.  We can move into our human logical mind in a split second and not realize because the human logical mind fools us into believing that we are still within our heart space.

Nothing is more manipulating that when it comes to the word "innocence".  We are subject to various meanings of this word and this is then placed into a context that is other than it is but we will focus on the innocence.  Some within humanity believe that they are fully helping humanity when it is not possible to actually see the bigger picture required in order to validate this.  We have NO way of knowing what our actions do in the wider picture for we do not have access to this information.  Our Creator YHWY DOES HAVE ACCESS and it is HE who will oppose us when we attempt to walk where we should not be walking.

It is not TRUTH to assume that looking at someone and seeing how they live and how they talk is all that is required to understand them. The darkest and deepest illusions are those that hit us in our blind spot and every person alive within humanity has a blind spot,  our human vehicle is akin to a motor vehicle in this respect. Where our deepest hurt, our deepest agony and most painful experience sits within creates a blind spot that remains out of our range until we begin to surrender fully to Christ within the Salvation in TRUTH process.

It does not matter how old we are, how much trauma we have experienced or who we are related to, this affects each and every human being within humanity.

What blinds us is the construct itself for it sets up a sort of invisible barrier that we hit repeatedly.  We then begin to create a self story in order for our human logical mind to interpret that which it simply cannot see.  Thus we add to the soul internal storage, we strengthen the black box that remains hidden to us. It is from this spiritual black box that Lucifer then begins his harvesting. There is no servitude in attempting to empty said black box for it is black for a reason and it exists in a dimensional space that we cannot walk ourselves.

No one within humanity is innocent in TRUTH for all are born into a construct that seeks to reap and harvest from human trauma, pain and separation.  We are born fully aware at a soul level of that which we are here to undergo and we begin to form the foundation of this walk before we fully master human language. Our birth into our families is no accident, our gender, our status, all are pre ordained because they are within the black box of the soul itself. Without a SOUL a human vehicle becomes simply a vessel. The aberrations within humanity are not humans with a soul, they are vessels that once contained a human soul. This remains hidden within humanity.

In order to regain our innocence in TRUTH we require to let go of and hand back our SOUL through the Salvation in TRUTH process in order that we may receive the gift of our SPIRIT from our Creator YHWY.  It is this gifting that sees the human life experience dramatically alter and begins our ascent out of darkness into the LIGHT OF TRUTH. It sees us leave Lucifer's world and enter the NEW EARTH physically in TRUTH.

At this time the vessels will begin to reap, to make themselves known in order to trigger the black boxes of those souls still intact within humanity. We are asked to remain in silence whilst the storm rages for we are not required to make ourselves known. Prophesy JUST IS, once the reaping has lessened then movement will continue, movement that sees us understand at a deeper level and allows for full movement into TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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