Understanding the Illusion of LOGIC in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form have been subject to intense hostility from humanity for

the entire 6 months that the dimensional space referenced as “earth” has had us under house arrest. The outer waking reality is always a reflection of that what is happening on other dimensional planes and the 144,000 have been under close scrutiny in respect of giving up who they are here to work with. This has seen many being placed in situations that are hostile in every conceivable way, from co workers who may have placed intense pressure on them to act or respond a certain way to close family who suddenly have beliefs that they have never shared before. ALL is part of the battle strategy used by a dimensional space that is being dissolved.

Depending which country you reside within at this time you will be experiencing one of two

scenarios, an assault on your sleeping patterns or an assault on your everyday waking life

experience. For many who are within the 12 it is both as the dimensional space referenced as

“earth” attempts to USE HUMANITY against us. I have stated in previous more public blogs

that we cannot stand on the side of humanity and we cannot work directly with them and this

is why. Their fear is so great that they will do anything to escape the intense pain that they live within at this time. This is a military strategy that is currently being addressed by ORION thru the skull matrices and which is being addressed personally thru the 12 with help and support available to those who are able to move into the heart space in order to receive it.

The forcing of humanity into their human logical mind disrupts the little connection that they

have with their heart space, we have gone from experiencing a race that is in pain to

experiencing an all out assault on the basic human right of having an opinion and a choice of

heart or mind. You will find many will talk at a very logical and linear level and you will find that many whom you may have interacted with at a heart level now either shun or actively try to move you into the logical realm of the human mind. Humanity will deny this, the Old Earth

Matrix will try to quantify this thru the use of the trauma response of humanity which IT IS

DRIVING HARD at this time.

We are asked to have compassion for ourselves at this time and to NOT TAKE IT

PERSONALLY, ORION knew that this could be a route that the Old Earth Matrix chose and

has made provision for it. We stand within humanity with humanity aggressively attacking

because they are in so much pain. View it akin to helping a wild animal that has a wound, the

animal will attack unless we are very gentle because the animal is focused on the pain. Every

briefing that is done live on tv is done to refocus humanity back to the wound that they carry.

Therefore those around us especially those who are related to us thru family lineage may

begin to act very differently around us. We must therefore remove all, any and every

emotional root that is highlighted to us by ORION, this makes us invisible to them and sees

them walk past us and no longer attack us. We will be given direct experience of this in order

that we can feel the difference and we can gain in understanding thru said experience.

At this time the call is now going out for healing thru the heart space to recommence. Do not be distracted by the physical realm at this time, it is in deep flux, many within humanity will attempt to rationalize something that is deliberately obtuse to prevent rationalization, it is part of the military strategy that all are caught within at this time.

Humanity will reject the healing that they are offered because of the pain of the wound, they

believe that there is nothing to be done but choose sides and that is part and parcel of the

strategy that the Old Earth Matrix uses in its divide and conquer.

HEAVEN is sending more angelic frequencies to soothe a race that is now akin to cattle

waiting to be slaughtered for there is no more slaughtering to be done, however the Old Earth Matrix is attempting to hold all who went into the slaughter house hostage. ORION will release them thru HEAVEN and this has to be understood at an everyday waking life



At this time we are asked to remain sheltered within the heart space and understand that

which our human eyes sees is not that which is occurring in TRUTH. The illusion is deep and

we are held tightly in order that we are not swept away by it.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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