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Understanding the Narrative in TRUTH

For many within humanity the outer waking reality is one that they feel is temporary. The idea that this is how humanity live is so overwhelming for the majority of humanity that they will turn themselves outside in to avoid the responsibility that is now placed back at their feet. The veils have been removed, these are veils that hid the social entrapment that humanity exist within. The veils are lifted entirely to reveal to humanity how separate they really are and how in fear they live on all levels of their human life experience.

Nothing else has occurred within humanity apart from the veils lifting and this is part of prophecy. We are told repeatedly that in the "end of times" that the world will burn and that darkness will walk the dimensional space. Yet most of humanity only see a government reaction to a virus they cannot see. They do not see their own fear, they do not see their own separation from those around them. It can be almost unbelievable the lengths that many within humanity are now going to to somehow "keep safe". Their human logical minds now overloaded with information that deliberately contradicts itself. "I am not allowed to hug my grandmother" cries humanity, "its the fault of everyone around me because they are not doing what they are told" can be translated to " we are not evolving to 5D because everyone around me refuses to meditate" can be translated to "I did not get my needs met and its everyone else's fault".

This denial of responsibility for relationships and connections sit at the very heart of that which is now rampaging thru humanity. The child who was ignored, the child who was beaten, the child who was denied a voice, all is now out and about and has taken over the human physical vehicles that walk within humanity. It is not grown adults that now are now before humanity but the hidden, broken child that the veils protected fully. Now the veils have been removed there is nowhere for said child to hide so it does what children do, it throws a tantrum in a bid to get its own needs met. It will attack as a form of defense for that which the hidden child needed was acknowledgement. It needed a voice, to be heard and now it is screaming but humanity still mostly ignore it.

Science has taken over as a vain attempt to move humanity back into the very 3 d reality that they have existed within since the last time that science took over. This is cyclical, for those who know their history you will know that during the 1700 various revolutions took place in Europe that resulted in a turning to science. Humanity have every few hundred years been pulled back to the logic and reason that the Old Earth Matrix demands. History repeats itself until it is understood and this is not thru rote and ritual of just reading it. How did the Nazis manage to do what they did in such a relatively short period of time? because humanity denied it was occurring. We are now closer to that history repeating than at any other time but because humanity are conditioned to place experience in a LINEAR context it is seen as something in the "past". As current events are seen as later than the previous humanity fall to the illusion that they are somehow in a different period. WE ARE NOT.

We may not ride donkeys and we may drive cars but that is the illusion, how humanity relate to one another has never changed, it has remained in stasis. So every few hundred linear years the Old Earth Matrix sends out a control event. This is created to push human physical vehicles back into the frequency bandwidths that the Old Earth Matrix requires in order to operate at full capacity. It is now breaking down, not running as efficiently as it did and it is sending out what can be viewed as crawler bots which are attempting to diagnose where within humanity is not adhering.

Viewed in the context of a computer scenario it can be seen more easiily. The Old Earth Matrix is the platform on which humanity are built. Anyone who works with technology will appreciate the version thru identifying the OEM number of the build. In this instance the OEM for the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" is a very low frequency. It can be traced back to off planet beings who used various protocols to build this OEM. It requires all programs to work from a platform that is low in dimensional frequency. This version is now outdated and it has been attempting to upgrade itself. The GLITCH IN THE MATRIX IS LOVE IN TRUTH for it cannot be resolved thru logic and reason.

No matter how many times the AI which is the Old Earth Matrix tries to solve LOVE in TRUTH it cannot because LOVE in TRUTH is the frequency of Wider Creation in TRUTH. It is the fuel that Wider Creation work thru. Why do human beings "love" because WE ARE. Now we will once again see the Matrix attempt to solve that which it cannot. No amount of "social distancing" can destroy LOVE in TRUTH because it is not something can ever be destroyed, it creates, it bonds, it expands, it is the fuel that everyone craves but which many simply deny to themselves because they have accepted the conditioning that somehow they are not worthy.



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