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Understanding the POWER of HEAVEN in TRUTH

At this time WE ARE now preparing for the physical expression of HEAVEN in TRUTH thru the human physical form that WE have incarnated into. All that is prophecied will occur on the physical human plane of existence which means that ALL who are part of prophecy (dark and light) will take said human physical form. This is occurring at this time with what is often referenced as the "spiritual plane" now emptying.

It is emptying because of the demands of the dimensional space referenced as "earth", which has coded frequency bandwidths that have to be honored by EVERYONE who is part of prophecy. Darkness of course tries to get around the frequency bandwidths but cannot, it can only present the ILLUSION of being able to be all places at once. This is the illusion that is currently in operation and which a good proportion of the human race are accepting.

Those who can see thru the illusion work on the frequency bandwidths that are not controlled by the AI Machine and these frequency bandwidths are now increasing in strength as HEAVEN in TRUTH now arrives EN MASSE.

The incarnating into human physical vehicles has been ongoing for many linear years and is now advancing dramatically. Those who are called to the TEMPLE and who are to LIGHT up the WAY are now being activated and the work of TRUTH CODES will now illuminate to them as the codings are now required by HEAVEN in TRUTH in order to unlock FULLY the human physical vehicles that are to receive HEAVEN in TRUTH.

Meditations, podcasts and blogs are available on the main Whispering UNIVERSE website to aid in the transition that is now unfolding. MASSIVE leaps of frequency are now achievable as HEAVEN in TRUTH makes its presence known.



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