At this time we are in the middle of a deep and intensive PURGE, this is validated thru the

dissolving of the outer waking reality that we have existed within. Many at this time are in

wonder at the “world events” that are now being revealed without understanding that this is

part of the movement into phase 3. It is not possible for the dimensional space referenced as

“earth” to simply remain as it was and not begin to break down fully.

That which gets many in a state of fear and of deep confusion is the logical mind reference

points that tell us that there is nothing but this dimensional space. Many within humanity still

believe that they live on a round, spinning globe and that somehow if this dimensional space

breaks down we are all somehow homeless. It must be understood that this dimensional

space is non TRUTH, it is breaking down due to the filtering thru of TRUTH which is the very

fabric of Wider Creation in TRUTH. We are dissolving all that is preventing us reaching

TRUTH, view it akin to one of those magic pictures that we did as kids. We have a piece of

paper and draw various colors across it until it is full of color, then we get some black paint

and paint over it. Then when the paint is dry we scratch out a picture in the black paint which

shows the color underneath. What is not understood in the picture making process is that the colors on the paper is the FOUNDATION, it is obscured by the black paint. Many within

humanity choose only to make the pretty pictures by allowing only color in part of the piece of the paper.

The PURGE that is going on just now takes off ALL THE BLACK PAINT revealing the colors

on the paper because the color is the foundation. We have gotten so used to only scratching

out the odd color that we have forgotten that the BLACK IS THE NON TRUTH and it is the

BLACK THAT REQUIRES TO BE REMOVED. Many are holding on to the black believing that

without the black the color cannot be seen. This is non TRUTH.

Our colors are now being realigned for in allowing the black paint to be painted over us we

have literally been in the dark and we only know our own color in reference to said black

paint. In order for us to align with Wider Creation in TRUTH we have to allow the PURGE and know that as we are cleaned of the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths then our colors will shine and we will reset at FOUNDATION LEVEL. It is to be remembered that we have never gone thru a RESET in this our human physical form ever. When we are born into humanity we are not in a clean vessel, anything but, we are put into a recycled form containing all sorts of past trauma that skews our entire vision. This is the rinsing out of the glass container and the full cleaning of said glass container.

Now as we go thru this process we may find ourselves in various stages of GRIEF for we are

leaving the Old Earth Matrix patterning and we will go thru the process of GRIEF because it

has never been completed. There are various stages of grief, humanity admits to 7 stages of

GRIEF and humanity will get stuck at various stages. The last stage of GRIEF that is never

achieved is CLOSURE, this is not permitted in this dimensional space because it involves the

understanding that death is not the end. It was to reveal this that CHRIST came to this

dimensional space in physical human form in order to reveal this. His 3 days have now been

removed from the STASIS that they were put within and we will now move thru the grief

process fully.

WE ARE given this understanding thru experience and we have to be in full surrender

because the reference points are so strong in relation to death and dying. This is both

physically and emotionally. We have to let go of the strongholds that tie us to humanity or we cannot move them into their full evolution. This will see many try to take shelter in the human logical mind and try to prove to themselves that TRUTH is other than it is. This is a painful journey to make coming from this angle so we will be opposed fully if we attempt this.

It is to be remembered that only the 144,000 plus 10 plus 2 go thru this process, humanity in

general will tend to want to remain in their logical mind and will fully deny the next few years

in this their human form. It is therefore part of the WILL of CREATOR that we are now moved

to have full support around us, this will therefore see relationships also go thru a deep purge.

This is all, any and every relationship that is possible in this our human physical form. We

cannot help those around us, we can only remain in full surrender knowing that as we let go

of all the resistance that we reach TRUTH and as we do so this releases more LOVE in

TRUTH into this dimensional space. It is LOVE in TRUTH that went to the Cross for US, we

do not go to the Cross and if we have taken the route that many have tried to remain at the

Cross we will be fully opposed. CHRIST EXISTS BEYOND THE CROSS, it is a slight of hand

by the devil to keep humanity looking at Christ on the Cross. HE IS NOT THERE, HE ROSE

and now so do WE in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to let go and TRUST and have FAITH in this process. They cannot

hear us, they are now fully within the grief process and many will hold to the grieving as if

their lives depended upon it because that is what this race are taught is living.





(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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