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Understanding the road less traveled in TRUTH

As we walk thru this strange land we often find ourselves on paths that appear to be overgrown or almost unseen and this can trigger doubt and uncertainty within us. We are given the experience of walking pathways often to validate to us at a very physical level why the path ways are NON TRUTH. So we will find that we can go happily along a route then suddenly we are opposed.

When faced with this opposition many will simply spend a great deal of time and energy trying to continue the route. Often denying that there are any other pathways as the human logical mind goes into overdrive attempting to "prove" the validity of the CURRENT route. After all it has been walked for a long time, why would it stop now?

We must always remember that we are moving into FLOW, this is unlike the stasis that we have experienced in our earlier walk in the Old Earth Matrix. It can trigger various emotional reactions within us and this is part of the healing journey that we take as we change gear and frequency. We adapt to the new currency and the new frequency much more easily if we can accept that TRUTH sits beyond the human logical mind and its reference points.

Therefore if a path suddenly stops and refuses to open again go deep within the heart space You may find that that the opposition is a protection and that you simply need to release a deeply held reference point. It is the reference point itself that is giving a false picture and once it is released a brand new route is revealed. We lose nothing by releasing because it is not possible to release TRUTH, it is TRUTH that remains. It is often staggering just how "lost" we are following the "familiar" and "well trodden" pathways that humanity have walked within the Old Earth Matrix since the beginning.

A new way of living and being is not an "upgrade" to the CURRENT version and we can only acknowledge and accept this as it is validated to us as we walk in FAITH along the unseen to the human logical mind and eyes pathways.



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