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Understanding the role of GRIEF in HEALING

It is often when we hit the low points that we are given opportunities that we cannot see in this our human physical form. GRIEF is a process that we in this our human physical form fear and this can be grief in relation to anything at all, not just the very obvious physical loss of a loved one.

The past linear couple of years has created a pool of grief that remains to the majority of the human race hidden. Loss of opportunity, loss of connection, loss of interaction, physical loss of loved ones, the list goes on and it is continual. As we now approach the "festive" season this is a major trigger for this pool and we must be more aware of our own reactions to this trigger.

The glossy "perfect family" portrait that is presented at this time of the year is one that triggers to many levels. Our thoughts will turn to the "year" that has just been and in this is the doorway that we often just walk passed. This time we are given the opportunity to not only see the door but to see what is written on the door that could possibly stop us from walking thru it. We have to let the grief process COMPLETE and this may be challenging at times.

We are supported fully by HEAVEN in TRUTH in the full release and the understanding that comes thru the release of the GRIEF frequency. If we do not allow the process to complete we leave ourselves open to the manipulation that this dimensional space is based upon. It is grief that provides the dark glasses that appear to protect our eyes from the LIGHT but in TRUTH try to have us avoid the LIGHT even getting into our eyes in the first place. This sees us walk in dark places in the dark hiding in the shadows believing that somehow we are not able to walk in LIGHT in TRUTH.

This is a very tricky area for many people to even look at and why HEAVEN in TRUTH is working very hard to present the doorway in a way that is both obvious but also as gently as possible. Healing GRIEF is not about experiencing it over and over again, this is a lie that this dimensional space uses to keep the human race away from the door ways that would see them able to breathe and understand beyond this dimensional space in TRUTH.

It is pivotal that we now allow HEAVEN in TRUTH to whisper thru our deep heart space, to take our hand and to walk WITH US in TRUTH thru what our human logical mind will tell us is broken glass, but which in TRUTH is the fragments of us that broke and require only sweeping up thru HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that we can now feel FIRM ground beneath our feet.



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