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Understanding the role of GRIEF in the process of release in TRUTH

We are at this time being given the opportunity to face that which has walked alongside of us, albeit we have been blind to the walking and the companionship. In this our human physical form we are conditioned heavily to rely on the feeling of "comfortable", when we feel ourselves begin to move from said "comfortable" we will unconsciously seek to retrace our steps in order to remain within the perceived "safe zone" created by the human logical mind.

As we grow and age in this our human physical form this "comfortable" will seek to embed deeper within us as it is birthed from the perception of "danger" but this is not the assumed physical danger to our human physical form, it is the perceived emotional danger that our human physical form reacts to. It then turns this into a picture that we then step in to in order to play our "role". When faced with a challenge to "comfortable" we then adopt a role in order to side step that which we perceive is the danger.

To give a clear example many people will when they perceive "emotional" danger take on a role of that of the clown. How many people around you use comedy as an emotional weapon? how often do you yourself find yourself using humor as a smoke screen to avoid moving into a perceived scenario? We all do it and we do it more often than we can ever consciously accept because it is part and parcel of the conditioning of the human race itself.

It is not just humor that is used in this way, anger is a weapon that many are choosing to use at this time in a way that is passive. Whether we use passive aggression or the more obvious antagonistic aggression we do so when there is a perceived threat to our "comfortable". As the outer waking reality is now beginning to move from what which we have been conditioned to accept and even to expect this way of coping with the movement will reveal itself to deeper levels.

It may be concerning to be aware of the aggression and/or humor levels of humanity but unless we can release the need to step back into "comfortable" when we are moving thru the emotional landscape we will be unable to make much movement. We are asked at this time to surrender to the process and to understand that we are shown these hidden self sabotage behaviors not so that we are somehow judged but so that we can surrender them.

These behaviors protect a conditioning that requires to be released. As we move further into the ascension to full evolution process we will begin to release the child like behavior that we have been conditioned to use repeatedly. We are asked now to move from child like to mature and in doing so we will feel this shift. We are not "children" albeit we as a race have been prevented from moving from said growth stage. Much as we would not prevent a child from growing and maturing in the outer waking life experience now we must allow the growth internally. Thru surrendering the hold that the hidden "internal child" has been permitted to maintain and in doing so releasing the behaviors that keep us enslaved to an emotional landscape that is now shifting and healing fully.

We cannot remain in this child like state albeit the child like state is hidden to the vast majority of humanity, we are asked to step forward and allow the growth for in said growth is the understanding of how we were denied and kept in a stunted state. Just as a child does not understand the complexities of adult life nor do we fully understand how limiting being kept in said child like state forever has been. As we now begin to grow beyond the child and embrace "adulthood" we will go thru a process that allows us to now move fully into who WE ARE in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan

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