For many of us the word “heaven” is a loaded reference point. I remember when my late

mother passed, she passed in a Marie Curie hospice who’s symbol is the daffodil. I was in

town a little while after this and my son who was with me and who was around 4 yrs old saw

the daffodil in the Marie Curie charity shop which was across the road from where we were

standing. He recognized the symbol, something my son was very adept at from a very young

age, he understood symbols long before he was the age to read. So he turns to me and says

“look mum there is the heaven shop”. His reference point for the daffodil was “heaven”

because he knew that his grandmother had gone to “heaven”.

We have to understand that the reference points created thru human language are different

for all of us and as such we have to release these false reference points in order to work in

TRUTH. In respect of HEAVEN, it is a dimensional space that sits beyond the Old Earth

Matrix and is the dimensional space that is walked thru in order to reach Wider Creation in

TRUTH. For the 144,000 and for the twelve who oversee the 144,000 this is a dimensional

space where we go to consult with Heaven in order that we are in alignment with them and

Wider Creation in TRUTH.

At this time HEAVEN has sent more angelic Beings to the dimensional space referenced as

“earth” in order to protect and prepare us for that which is unfolding. There will be a mass

exodus from this dimensional space and this is the WILL OF CREATION IN TRUTH. It will

appear to the naked human eyes as something other than it is in TRUTH which is why the

144,000 are being prepared thru the written information and guidance that ORION are asking me to share.

In order to protect the SOUL’s of those who are not able to reach the increased frequency

bandwidths that are now unfolding HEAVEN has opened its gates for sanctuary. This sees the SOUL’s of those who cannot make the leap between bandwidths kept safe and under the

SOVEREIGNTY of CHRIST who rules in HEAVEN. This prevents access to the human

physical vehicle form of those who are to enter HEAVEN this way and protects the 144,000

who may have been swarmed by the hostage taking that would have continued.

WE ARE given this guidance to prepare us for many of us will have first hand experience of

the ANGELs who are now doing their rounds. The ANGELS will come and talk with us and

explain why they are here but NOT IN DETAIL. In this human physical form we have GRACE

and Wider Creation in TRUTH pours this GRACE upon us at this time. We will understand

fully as we go thru the experiences that are about to unfold in our journey.

HEAVEN is preparing and HEAVEN is now opening. We cannot fight this, it is a bigger part of the entire picture but we do have to place HEAVEN in the context of TRUTH. We do have to understand HEAVEN’s role in the wider picture and we have to work and to interact with the HEAVENLY HOST.

The human race is about to be purged to levels that no one has experienced in this their

human physical form. We must stand in our heart space and understand that this is a mercy

and GRACE bestowed to them at this time. The hostage taking has been thru round one of

the lock-down that has seen family life become some sort of living nightmare for many and

has forced emotional trauma to be relived repeatedly. The Old Earth Matrix has held

humanity to ransom and ORION are addressing this thru the purging that will now take place.

A race that has been held in chains and tortured repeatedly and conditioned to believe that

said torture is “living” will now be given reprieve but once more I re iterate it will look anything but reprieve to the human eyes due to the intense and dense illusion that is being perpetrated at this time. Thru the purge is the veil lifting that has to happen in order that the Old Earth Matrix is held to account for a reality that is in TRUTH a living hell disguised as a human life experience.

Remaining in the deep heart space is KEY at this time, emotional residue that has remained

hidden to us will be demanded by the ANGEL that appears to us. The ANGEL could just take but that would not permit us understanding so it is in the GRACE of CREATOR that the

ANGEL will challenge us and tell us what it has come to gather. We work thru our heart

space and with CHRIST at this time. Know that the ANGEL will NOT LEAVE UNTIL IT HAS

GATHERED as it is under instructions from CREATOR, the ANGEL does not work for us, it is

sent to aid us thru this process and it will do all that it can to be kind and amiable but it will not be bartered with and will defer to CHRIST to enforce its purpose at this time.

We are asked to receive this ANGEL with GRACE and to allow the healing to begin. We serve no one least of all ourselves by holding on and attempting to by pass this part of the process.

We can view this as a deep clean experience where we are cleansed to the very core of our

being in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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