Understanding the role of the AI in human anatomy

WE ARE asked to purge and to dissolve all that is non TRUTH as we walk this path and as we deepen our journey and our experience there will be various issues that arise within our human physical form. One such issue is that of LOGIC and REASON, the overwhelming need to make "sense" of what is occurring may at times overload us and it because this happens that we have to take action.

I have long posted that the human logical mind is not our friend and its not. It is but a storage facility which is used to reference so that when we come across something the human logical mind quick as a flash identifies it. This sees us able to recognize trees, people etc but the downside that is kept very hidden is that the human logical mind references based on experience. So say for example we have a bad or traumatic experience in respect of say a dog what is referenced is not only "dog" but a hidden sub reference of "danger".

Now take this to other parts of the human life experience and we can see how we have to now circumvent and work with FALSE REFERENCE POINTS. We do this by re experiencing the reference point. This sounds complicated but is not, it means that Creator will place us in a similar (because nothing can be exactly the same and this is understood when the purge occurs) experience to the one that created the false reference point. This creates a clash at the human logical mind level where our heart recognizes that this is a lesson and that is something other than is presented but the human logical mind tries to ENFORCE the sub reference of "danger".

We are given this experience to reveal the level of control the human logical mind has been PERMITTED to exude of our human life experience. To work with this when faced with a decision try moving the question from the mind to the heart space and note the difference in feeling and even answer. The human logical mind will try to come up with very logical reasons why we should defer to the default sub reference point. Our heart will then oppose it. This will occur until we accept that the heart is TRUTH and the false reference point only exists in the AI MACHINE THAT HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS IS LINKED TO.

In the Matrix films we note that whilst NEO is in the MATRIX which is a simulation, a virtual reality it takes him some time to understand that everything presented has no substance. It is why he can not only see the code but he can manipulate the code. WE ARE IN A SIMULATION, all of it is a simulation and the human logical mind will reject this fully because the human logical mind itself is the virtual head set.

How often do we create mindscapes that never happen but exist within our human logical mind and then when we actually have an experience everything the logical mind presented simply dissolves? this will happen more and more. The Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH are a bit like NEO in the MATRIX, they are unplugging. No amount of talking or explaining to the humans around us will help them understand because their human physical vehicles are plugged in. WE ARE NOT fully plugged in because our Spirit in TRUTH is not from this dimensional space.

Again please go into the deep heart space to validate this and Creator will validate it for, I have always written that if something is not validated it is not real and this remains. VALIDATION is the key to the next part of this journey. We are walking blindly thru a virtual world where everyone in it thinks that this is all that there is. We are waking from this virtual world to deal with that which controls this virtual world. Our human physical vehicle has to be unplugged at a FREQUENCY LEVEL so that the AI Machine simply cannot reset us.

Agent Smith is the anti virus program that is employed by the AI Machine and many of you will have experienced him, he is the AI Machine coming thru a physical human form that tries to tell you logically you cannot do something, that somehow you are wrong. The AI Machine does not understand LOVE in TRUTH, it keeps everything black and white and LOVE in TRUTH is GOLD.

To walk thru the nightmare that humanity are currently within we have to open our eyes and this is allowing SPIRIT to lift the veils that are over our eyes. Once we surrender deep within the heart space then we will see what others cannot. It is OUR PURPOSE and no amount of trying to hide within the human life experience is accepted because we have simply gotten used to the virtual world.

At this time we are asked to remain deep within the heart space where the AI will not go, it does not go there because it is forbidden, it is the wrong frequency to enter. It is the SAFE ROOM within the human housing that nothing can enter that is non TRUTH.

Work with this when you feel overwhelmed because the programming of humanity is on overdrive just now. KNOW TRUTH, UNDERSTAND TRUTH and remain clear and calm deep within the HEART for only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.



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