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Understanding the sign posts in TRUTH

Updated: May 19

For many people the idea that the universe is talking to them daily is absurd, for others the idea that there is something beyond is what keeps them going. The signs and symbols that the universe uses transcend human language and the two way conversation that is birthed thru understanding the awakening signs only increases and deepens our understanding.

We are so entrenched in human language and "words" that we often do not see the conversation that is at play and we then begin to move in ways that make it more challenging for the universe to continue the conversation. Everything is frequency and everything is energy so we must begin now to understand BEYOND human language itself. Indeed if we are to move within the evolution process we must stop using human language and begin to work with the signs and symbols themselves. To begin with it is akin to mastering a new language, as we begin to work with this it becomes like breathing and then a whole new world begins to open up before us.

The universe will send you multiple signs and symbols to begin with until it understands the way that you interpret them and you begin to make a deeper connection, hence the deep heart space is THE place to remain within as you practice this. Angels use signs and symbols as do our E.T brothers and sisters. Animals, insects, indeed EVERYTHING that is non human will use the universal language of signs and symbols. How do we learn this language? we simply interact with it. To begin with it will feel overwhelming because the human mind will try to use the definitions it already has for the signs and symbols. We must work with this to loosen it and the universe will patiently work with us as we do this.

If ever we do not understand a sign or a symbol we simply ask for a clearer one, then the universe knows that the original sign or symbol sent was not an established one, once the foundation of how we interact is established the flow of information speeds up. Everyone works differently so please do not compare yourself to those around you. The way that I work with signs and symbols is different to others whom I know that work with energy. Always a foundation bridge is established. When I work with clients part of the initial conversation is to establish the foundation bridge, I then adapt to how they use the signs and symbols and this allows for much deeper conversation and understanding to birth. Human language almost becomes obsolete in the process because the power is in the infinite possibilities that lie within the signs and symbols.

To give some examples of how the universe first begins the conversation:

  1. you may see the same symbol repeatedly in the strangest of places and you begin to recognise that somehow this symbol is trying to get your "attention".

  2. you may dream and in the dream it is symbols that are given to you not words

  3. you may hear the same phrase repeated thru overheard conversations around you, again with the phrase seeming to grab your "attention".

  4. in nature a certain creature may repeatedly try to gain your attention, say a bird that lands near you and seems to be waiting for your reaction.

There are many and varied ways the universe begins a conversation. We are not alone, we live within a frequency bandwidth that is TWO WAY communication. In many ways human language is the barrier to that which lies beyond. As we now begin to evolve beyond the human range of interaction we begin to align more clearly with ALL that IS in TRUTH.


Karen x

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