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Understanding the SIGNS as WE approach the EXIT point in TRUTH

As we begin to navigate from our heart space in TRUTH we will be given physical experience of using the navigation tools that we are provided with. The navigation tools used by the human logical mind are completely different so the using of the tools of navigation thru the heart space may at first be confusing. It is vital that we let go and surrender ALL PREVIOUS navigation tools when prompted to do so. If not then this is akin to attempting to drive down a highway using a map AND listening to directions whilst blindfolded. We cannot use both navigation systems because at certain points they will cancel one another out and this results in limbo.

We are not here to experience limbo, we are at this moment dissolving stasis and as limbo is part of stasis it is vital that we surrender the tools that we have been supplied with. It can never be underestimated how strong the human logical mind will attempt to be during this phase of the ascension to full evolution process. At times we are guided strongly to go deep into our heart space in order that we can find respite from the continual raging of the human logical mind.

Remember it is the human logical mind that PERCEIVES the outer waking reality as other than it is in TRUTH. The human logical mind cannot see that which is occurring at any other level apart from the physical human plane. This hides movement from us and is a major decoy in the whole illusion scenario that the Old Earth Matrix uses continually. We can therefore only make any progress by using only our heart space from this moment forward.

For further insight into how the human logical mind is a tool that is no longer appropriate to use for navigation please listen to the podcast below:

For personal help and support please visit the main Releasing Eden website click here.



(c)Karen Doonan

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