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Understanding the toll of humanity in TRUTH

We are surrounded by pressure that is deliberate, the human life experience over the last linear 20 years or so has become more intense, with humanity conditioned to expect and do more than they ever were conditioned to previously.  This intense conditioning runs beneath the "perfection" conditioning that has many at breaking point within humanity. To be human is to err, to be human is to be vulnerable, to be human is to care, to be human is to reach out to those around us and to be human is to feel.  All is under attack from a realm that is not seen by the human naked eye and which can be felt keenly and often we can glimpse if we step back just for a moment.

The rise of mental health problems, the rise of suicides, the rise of violence, the rise of resentment and discontentment within humanity is deliberate for society is not created to build a firm foundation for human life.  When we are at our most stressed, our most frustrated and most anxious that which is within us reveals itself. A society that does not have a firm anchor in TRUTH will continue to crash and roar, much like a wave hits the shore in a storm. It is the internal storms within each and every one of us that is being harvested.

It is relatively easy to be kind and gentle with those around us, especially the most vulnerable within humanity when we feel and believe that we have a handle on our own human life experience, but when we feel the pressure then we begin to react and Lucifer knows this. The harvesting of human misery, grief, separation and fear is ongoing.  Once we begin to understand that our objective in this our human form is not to be "perfect", not to somehow turn ourselves inside out in the pursuit of some elusive happiness then we can begin to see with fresh eyes.

To love is to be human but when we feel oppressed, forgotten and hidden then we allow the seeds that are planted in human consciousness to grow like weeds in a garden. If we do not tend to the weeds then we will find that when we look at the garden it will look overgrown and we will feel even more pressured and more anxious.

In order to help weed the garden, in order to find release from the continual struggle that the human life experience has become then we have to find SOLID GROUND on which to stand and take stock. The solid ground is internal, it is not attempting to navigate an ever raging sea within us, it is stepping off the sea and standing on the shore. The only way to do this is to first and foremost understand that we cannot navigate this world alone, it is our choice as to whether we remain separate from our Creator YHWY or we surrender our pain, our loneliness and separation in order to gain said firm foundation. It is our walk in and with Christ that provides the solid ground that the human naked eyes cannot see therefore dismiss.

It is Christ who holds us close, that reveals to us the emotional pain that we have simply parked and walked around, always checking to see if it is there, it will go nowhere until we hand it over in prayer to Christ. This does not involve ritual and rote and adhering to strict rules and practices.  The construct of religion and the new age religion which IS a religion that masquerades as other than it is will often prevent true healing for followers then look to the people around them for guidance. CHRIST IS THE LIGHT THAT GUIDES HUMANITY and no human person has authority apart from CHRIST Himself.

Christ came to take those trapped in rote and ritual out of the lies that were presented as TRUTH. It is the very churches who claim to know TRUTH that sent Christ to the Cross, not believing our Creator YHWY, not believing scripture in TRUTH but bending it to human interpretation and understanding.  Christ walks beyond this and we are once more at the point of no return.  Humanity are at a crossroads. Do we follow humanity going around in circles trying to find a way out of a never ending loop or do we surrender fully to Christ who will reveal TRUTH and LEAD US OUT?

The choice is ours, personally, intimately and freely available. We may be bound by the rules of a society that is crumbling, we may feel hemmed in by responsibility, by various woes and anxiety but our SPIRIT IS FREE.  It is our choice as to whether our SPIRIT is in the driving seat or our very human logical mind.  Our SPIRIT SITS WITH OUR CREATOR YHWY, making the choice to follow our SPIRIT will see it gifted to us through Christ and we are then made new, our eyes will be opened and we will begin to see that which has led us astray.Isaiah 11 : 1 - 2 KJV

And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

Do we continue to fight the raging storm or allow Christ to silence the storm? The choice sits only with us personally and we are now guided to make the choice that sees us either stand on solid ground or begin to drown as humanity hits the peak of the storm that began when Christ rose from the Cross and revealed TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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