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Understanding the triggers of the old earth/matrix

It is vital that as we work to release the holding patterns and bondage that the old earth construct/matrix weaves around us and thru us that we begin to understand the triggers that allow the old earth construct/matrix to remain.  It is not TRUTH to believe that the outer waking reality is some solid, static landscape that we walk within. Indeed it is personal to each and every human being alive within the dimensional space that it is.  No two people have exactly the same experience, see color in exactly the same way nor hear sound in exactly the same way yet the illusion persists that we do.

It is this assumption that holds a lot of the illusion together, an assumption that anyone else in this human form is having the same life experience as we are. This is the foundation for a lot of the bondage that is permitted to remain  and is often defended by humanity as being a foundation of the life experience itself.

It is human emotion that is triggered first and foremost.  When we look out onto the world as is at this time we see a lot of emotional barbs that are set deliberately, like little trip wires.  These are set off when an emotional barb is felt by someone.  Their reaction to said barb then sets of a chain reaction. We can see this across social media and it is how social media is designed, after all who wants to read boring page after page of mundane when there is something to be emotional around?

It is the same with the illusion that is presented that somehow the world is a certain way, humanity have been conditioned to expect and to trigger emotion in each other.  How many times during a day do we crave some excitement, a distraction from the "mundane" and do so by reading about some scandal or emotionally provocative article, it is increasing.

That which is now deemed acceptable to be talked about, to be discussed and to be experienced publicly today would have been scandalous even ten years ago. We have been fed a diet of emotional distress and have become immune to it so it has increased in its distressing nature. It is the same with entertainment, we search for more and more excitement and more and more emotionally challenging information in a search to trigger that which is becoming numb within us.

It becomes numb because the pain is so great.  Whilst we focus on the pain and separation in someone elses world we comfort ourselves in our own world but the foundation is always separation.  We seek to defend this way of living because we know no other way of living. There are at least 2 generations that know no other way of interacting apart from very publicly and very loudly.   We are conditioned to become anti social and in doing so we lose that which makes us social. We lose our ability to understand our own emotions. The lines become blurred and we begin to take on the emotional baggage of those around us. This overloads us so we go in search of some down time which again is filled with emotional triggers and before we know it we are emotionally water logged.

This blinds us fully to that which is feeding from all this emotional outpouring. It is that which walks unseen but can often be felt.  When we are emotionally compromised we do not see clearly, we make decisions we would not make if we were not emotionally compromised and we take actions that we simply would not take either.  This sets us up for further emotional debris and the cycle continues. It is this feeding cycle that we have to step out of and in doing so begin to clear our vision.

This does not mean that we simply close down and stop talking to those around us or that we somehow move to the top of a mountain and cut out all interactions with our fellow humans (this is the other side of the same emotional distress coin).  It means that we begin to take back ownership of our emotional landscape. When we begin this journey we begin to find baggage that is not ours, that does not belong to us but which has been dumped inside of us or placed at our feet by those around us. As we begin to deal with this at an emotional level then the spiritual will respond and we will find ourselves bumped out of life long patterns of behavior, thought and action.

This allows for vast movement and vast healing to begin. We begin to stand upright where before we could barely keep our head above water. We begin to put down boundaries with those around us and we begin to hand back that which is not ours.  This clears us and allows for fresh frequency and new life to enter our human life experience.

It starts with a surrender and an acceptance that we cannot walk this journey alone. That we need spiritual help and we need spiritual protection. Once we have surrendered IN Christ and accepted this then the journey begins.  It does not require a trip to a church, a confession to a priest or any other emotional ritual or rote that the construct of religion would seek to demand. It requires but one step and from this one step all can and will change.

We are not alone, we do not walk alone and we do not have to drown along with humanity simply because we share a human form.  That is not the purpose of our incarnation into said human form.  The person we are waiting to "save us" is us.   It begins with us, only we can draw that line in the sand and say "enough". We do not require the permission of those around us, indeed it is often those around us who assume that they have our permission to overstep the boundaries in the first place.

At this time we are asked to maintain our course, to resist the temptation to take on more emotion that is simply not ours to take on board and to continue to sail. It is only once we have sailed into the calmer waters beyond the storm that we can even place into context that which sought to sink our ship and curtail our journey. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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