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Understanding VALUE in TRUTH

We are molded from the moment that we take our first breath in this our human physical form.  We are not celebrated for whom we are in TRUTH, rather we are molded into what our parents or immediate caregivers expect us to be.  This of course is based on the molding that they also went through and are held within.  This is handed down generation to generation and remains hidden to many within humanity.  It is therefore extremely challenging to be "self" when "self" is the amalgamation of entire generations of families.  This is the binding that holds many at this time for in trying to find "self" in order to understand "self" and work with "self" we have to peel back the layers, a bit like a huge onion. But on peeling back the layers we will find that a defense mechanism begins to manifest which keeps us back from the deepest part of said mold.

We will begin to notice that which triggers us at an outer waking reality level. We will begin to receive various comments or be subject to various behaviors that seek to keep us firmly within the containment of the belief system that has been integrated and shields the true self within us.

This generational and ancestral pattering is now coming up for full release and it will be navigated only by those who choose to go beyond the triggering and step out of the defensive position that they may find themselves within. Going to war with our nearest and dearest is that which darkness wants us to initiate because it can then keep us locked into this battle forever.  We are not our ancestors, we may have been molded to fit "family values" and "family behaviors" but that does not equate to TRUTH, it simply means that we have been molded and this molding will play a significant part in the healing that we now are gifted.

We can heal that which has triggered us, we can heal that which walks in our ancestral lineage, this is everything from ill health, to strife, to addictions, all of it has a root in the ancestral lineage that each and every family within humanity are subject to.  We cannot trace our family ancestry back to the very beginning because as soon as we set out on this quest we are lost.  We are not meant to work from the linear and the logical because only in this our human physical form are we tied into linear.  Once we cross the boundary between living and no longer living in human physical form there is no linear.  This means that attempting to trace as in follow a line is futile and darkness knows this.

At this time we are asked to understand the difference between value and need.  Value is based on a false foundation in this our human physical form.  What value do you place within yourself?  how can it be transitioned from? these are valid questions that will be answered when we release that which is seeking to keep us from releasing it.  As parents, as children as grandparents we are under the full force of the LABEL and it is the LABEL that prevents us from peeling it off.  It is self policed by those who identify most readily with it.  Sitting in silence and allowing it to reveal itself is the way to approach it, there is no servitude in going to war because it will simply reap further, causing more and more frustration.

In yesterdays blog I explained about having to be tactical and a time for silence and a time for movement. Sometimes to make the greatest movement we have to be very still indeed. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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