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Understanding Vs thinking in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to allow the human logical mind to remain in the drivers seat. We can fall to the very deep illusion created BY the human logical mind that we are somehow more aware than we are. There is much talk in the ascension process of "mindfulness" and how humanity should be more aware of its actions. This is a complicated and over referenced way of maintaining the illusion presented by the human logical mind. If we do not understand why we do something then simply focusing on that which we are actually doing serves no one.

We simply move from being unconscious in our movement to being conscious, it is the movement itself that we are looking to dissolve not our ignorance of it. Understanding is birthed from within the deep heart space, understanding is the coming to the realization that the movement, the behavior is hiding unresolved emotional debris and then moving us into the space in which we can release and HEAL the emotional debris.

For many within humanity at this time the conscious mind is further entrapping them in that they are now consciously aware of their actions but taking no further action in dealing with said actions because the human logical mind has convinced them that nothing further requires to be done.

To help explain this further let us look at mindfulness in a different way. Let say that mindfulness is the cut on our hand, so we have gone from being unaware that we have a deep cut on our hand to becoming very aware of the cut. The teachings in respect of mindfulness would have us look at the cut and then see that we have a cut. We would then reach the very logical conclusion that it is the cut on our hand that is causing our pain. We still have a cut on our hand. Full healing only begins when we take the necessary action to deal with the actual cut. So by going into our heart space we would surrender the cut to TRUTH and in doing so the cut would begin to heal. We would surrender the knife that we are using to cause the cut repeatedly. Only then would the cut heal, otherwise we would use the mindfulness to simply become aware of the cut and in some instances put on a band-aid. The band-aid is often the becoming conscious of the cut, it does nothing else to aid in the healing because it requires surrender to heal fully and permanently.

Within the ascension to full evolution process we must understand that which is within the Old Earth Matrix that loves playing the mind games that have many down a deep rabbit hole and prevent them stepping out of said hole.

The human logical mind comes with the human physical form it is connected ONLY to the Old Earth Matrix and it has been used as a type of jailor since humanity was created. It is only by going into the deep heart space and working with our SPIRIT in TRUTH that we can alter the human logical mind to become a receptor to TRUTH which it will rebel fully at. It is programmed to use logic and reason and will try to deny TRUTH at all times. It is for this reason that we must surrender within the heart space, we cannot walk around a jailor who has convinced us that he is our friend for our entire life span. It is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that reveals the keys which we then use to unlock our frequency and which then DISSOLVE the prison itself.

We do not require the permission of our human logical mind to do this, frequency is the master and it is frequency that permits or denies. Anything further is illusion. No one controls humanity per se, it is the frequency bandwidths that are permitted to remain within our human physical form and which we are persuaded not to remove that hold us to the outer waking life experience. WITHOUT A FREQUENCY BANDWIDTH PRESENT WE CANNOT BE AFFECTED.

The human logical mind cannot understand frequency, it has to be revealed to us thru our deep heart space which is why our Creator permits us to go thru physical experience of that which we are healing and shifting from. Without this physical experience we are locked into a dialogue within the human logical mind and are actually sitting debating with our selves.

EVERYTHING in the outer waking reality is a clue, nothing is hidden, that which prevents us seeing is the frequency that blinds us from within.

At this time we are asked to go deeper in our heart space and to allow our SPIRIT in TRUTH to remove the debris that has us holding to logic and reason, these two are the main barriers to understanding and hold an entire race in limbo.



(c) Karen Doonan

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