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Understanding WHO in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form are subject to labeling to incredulous levels and this begins the moment that we are born into this construct.  We are taught language by using labels so the very first thing that our human logical mind is trained to do is to reference labels FIRST AND FOREMOST.  We then lay on top of this foundation and continue to absorb various levels of labels and in doing this we create the illusion that presents itself as a solid reality around us.

There is a huge conditioning that is seeking to deny this through the release of all labels and this works to almost negate the human logical mind itself.  This conditioning is deliberate in order to short circuit the very foundation that is laid down.  This works to keep the host in a state of equilibrium that is not TRUTH.  In a construct that uses labels then not applying labels is the black to the white.  It is the CONTRAST, it is not a change, it simply anchors the construct to a deeper level.

Many are now going through a process of SHEDDING and this will feel very uncomfortable as that which we have taken as read and that which we have taken as a basis for this our human life experience is dissolved. The human logical mind does not like this part of the process one bit and will attempt to reinvent itself repeatedly but this will result in further dissolving.  This will trigger many within humanity who may fall to the temptation to continue to attempt to create a foundation on which to live. As all foundations are not TRUTH this cannot occur.

We do not require a foundation for WE ARE.  Whilst the human heart can understand this concept due to the heavy conditioning of the human logical mind it will reject it and in many circumstances a sort of catch 22 will begin to ignite. We are not asked to THINK our way through this part of the process but rather to trust and build up our faith in the process itself. Remember we do not have to create, wider creation ALREADY EXISTS we have been simply been conditioned to reject this in favor of our own construct. A bit like building a house on sand the construct is not solid and will fall and the distractions created in response to keeping the house solid is that which takes us from the path of TRUTH.

Many within humanity at this time are finding that that which has worked perfectly well suddenly no longer works.  Human logic defines this as something being wrong which is not TRUTH, that which is not TRUTH cannot exist in wider creation because wider creation IS TRUTH. The shattering of the glass dome around the human life experience cannot be rebuilt because the new higher energies of LOVE in TRUTH have already dissolved the false pathways.

As we begin to arise from within the ashes of the old we will begin to understand what was so off about that which we have lived in this our human physical form. For many this will be a validation for others it will be such a revelation that the very idea of how to live a human life experience may be so overwhelming that a sort of breakdown occurs.  It has long been stated that there will come a moment when the masses no longer are able to exist within a false construct and this will be the falling of humanity.  It is the falling of darkness, the falling of illusion, whether humanity adapt to this is dependent upon how human they were to begin with. Many have traded their humanity for knowledge and logic and these will suffer the most as they have created a no go zone in their human heart space.  The human heart is our shelter from the storms of the human logical mind.  With no shelter the onslaught will be continuous and it is a choice of whether to surrender to the heart space of force logic and knowledge. This will result in a sort of mental storm that for many there will not be a way back.

This is part of prophecy that has been hidden as those who have adopted the mind over the heart have run with all the knowledge not understanding that it means nothing whatsoever when experience is given. It is experience that leads to understanding, knowledge is simply the observer and as such has no interaction with that which is happening. This side stepping of the human life experience has seen many within humanity exist in what can be said to be a "zombified" state.   This is the walking death that many have accepted, the mark of the beast if you will is to accept a living death over a waking heart space.

The division between the sheep and the goats now intensifies and that which has been hidden will now be shown clearly. Denial is an option but as it is not TRUTH it leads nowhere and simply enforces the cage that much further.  NO ONE is in a prison that has no key on the inside but this is continued to be denied by those who have simply sold their soul in order to gain knowledge. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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