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Unearthing GOLD

It is vital that as we now move further into the heart space that we allow ourselves the down time to heal the wounds that we have carried thru our inheritance. Birthing into human physical form is always painful because of the storage of emotional debris that is passed down genetically within the cellular structure of the human physical vehicle itself. As we anchor more and more of our LIGHT in TRUTH and our SPIRIT in TRUTH gets to work embedding to cellular level we will find pain rises to the surface. As this is ancestral in its origin we may be at a loss to explain why we are hurting. The human logical mind does not like this, it demands answers and as there will be very little answers to be had we may fall into the internal war that seeks only to divide us. We are forewarned therefore we must simply surrender deep within the heart space and allow the healing to complete.

Just as we would not rip off a bandage and demand that the wound heal instantly we cannot take this stance with this process. We can remove the bandage and then tend to the wound, we are not asked to remove the covering of the wound because often the natural covering will aid in the healing. We cannot fail in this process if we are surrendered to the process itself because it is the experience of this process that allows us to understand the full POWER of LOVE in TRUTH. It is the human logical mind which will go all out to try to prove that nothing can heal us further, the process that we are placed within gives us physical experience of that which the human logical mind continues to deny.

At this time many who have incarnated into the human race to aid in their movement into full evolution will find the "past" returning but this is an optical illusion in many ways, there is no "past" nor "future", there is however the emotional debris that is collected in this our human physical form and used for fuel. As this fuel requires to change, the human physical form moved into the next phase of evolution cannot be fueled with emotional debris, we must allow the draining and healing of it fully.

Each time we attempt to restock on emotional debris we will be held in place and opposed fully. We cannot fuel our human life experience in this way and it may take some linear time before we understand the lesson that we are gifted at this time. Emotional debris is akin to fueling on sugar, its quick, its instant but it has a lasting long term effect. Humanity have been sold emotional debris akin to being sold drugs and they have become hooked on the effects of deep emotional debris. The "high" is actually a low and it will now be triggered fully in order we can both see and understand why it has to be severed.



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