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Unhooking the belt of disbelief in TRUTH

We spend the majority of our human life experience validating that which we are conditioned to believe.  We do this at a very unconscious waking mind level and this remains hidden to the vast majority of humanity. It is only usually when the outer waking reality begins to break down that many begin to question that which they are living.  When the veils are torn down and we are shown that which we are doing often we will go straight into denial.

Whilst we readily jump at the chance to outline that which those around us live within we are often blind to that which we interact with.  For many at this time the outer waking reality will now crumble fully and in the process the question that is left is often "what am I here for?".  Depending on how you were brought up this question will either fill you with dread or will be a question that has haunted you for most of your life.  We are conditioned heavily to step into the roles that the generation before us were in.

Indeed within many family structures the offspring are conditioned to "take over" where the generation before them left off. This works in a number of ways to instill a sense of futility deep within us.  If we are "our own person" then how can we be expected to fulfill a role that was there before we were even conceived?  If we are "our own person" then why does the love of those around us seem to depend on us acting and behaving in certain ways?

This is the forever struggle that humanity are faced with as the old earth construct/matrix itself requires generation after generation of patterning to maintain its grip on those who are within said matrix.  This conditioning is now beginning to crack and splinter and is creating a deep wedge within the matrix. If we view the matrix as a set of cogs and wheels the once well oiled machine is now clogging up and it is clogging up because the fragmentation has reached levels that no longer support the oiling of the machine. As more and more of humanity "wake up" and step fully out of the routines and rote that they may have remained within then the fuel of this well oiled machine is seizing up.

This puts pressure on the well oiled machine and as we can see from the outer waking reality this pressure results in various manifestations that seek to contain and suppress the "waking up" process itself.  An awake human being is a threat because an awake human being can step out of that which others who are not awake sleep walk into without a thought.

The breaking down of the outer waking reality is prophecy and it is prophecy that sits outside of the construct of all, any and every religion. A FINITE construct has a shelf life, albeit it may be one of millennia but the shelf life is there.  We are now nearing the end of said shelf life and it is attempting to reset itself and begin again. That which stops this reset is the belief systems that are now dissolving for all belief systems are frequency boundaries that protect the frequency that is anchored within the human physical vehicle itself.  We will find that as we walk towards the edge of a belief then we find internal resistance and we find this backed up by those around us who seek to calm the storm that rises within us. They seek to placate us to maintain the status quo of the frequency that is internal.

This is not seen in TRUTH, it is often seen as a placation of emotional distress and a need to soothe the actions and behaviors of those around us.  If we fall to this deep illusion we become the jailors to our own human life experience and as this is not TRUTH we will find ourselves fully opposed by our Creator YHWY.  Uncomfortable as it may be we are not here to simply fit into the shoes of the generation before us, nor are we are we here to fit into variations of a theme in relation to said generation.

At this time we are asked to remove all that is unsettling within us.  We are not asked to soothe the storm but to stand in the midst of it and in doing so understand the actual storm itself.  For the storm arises when there is a discrepancy between our Spirit in TRUTH and the remnants of our soul.  We are here in service to our Creator YHWY and in being in service we are to align with wider creation in TRUTH and in doing so step out of the rote and ritual of the old earth construct/matrix itself.

The human logical mind will come up with various weird and wonderful scenarios that we must simply ignore. We do not have to know how we will live and be beyond the boundary, we simply have to walk through it and in doing so will understand what we require to do and be.  It is like a dam bursting and water surging, at some point the water will level out and simply flow, for that is the purpose of water, to flow. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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