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Unifying Division

Humanity are conditioned from the moment they open their eyes when they are birthed into this dimensional space to SEPARATE. They are taught separation thru the polarization that is the human logical mind. The human logical mind is the reference library that humanity use in order to NAVIGATE the dimensional space referenced as "earth". In this our human physical from we are presented continually with CHOICE and as we have the conditioning of polarization we then separate further by placing choices in "good" or "bad". Like a jigsaw puzzle with a million pieces the human physical life experience is scattered across many and various dimensional spaces.

As we have worked to unify our heart space with our SPIRIT in TRUTH we have collected the various pieces that are scattered thru various dimensional spaces. The majority of humanity look for these pieces only on the physical plane of existence and begin to create pictures that appear to make sense based on the reference points that are given during the conditioning. This leads many to assume that what they see is all that there is, reaching anything beyond this seems impossible due to the constraints that are then placed on the pieces themselves.

When we assume that someone fits a piece in our life experience we then go all out to validate this using the reference points that are active in our human logical mind. This leads us further down the rabbit hole when we begin to use human consciousness in an attempt to validate a human life experience only thru the human logical mind. Many can accept that this human physical form is not all that there is in TRUTH and yet they still contain their experience by validating thru human consciousness.

As many are now experiencing this leads round in circles for the human consciousness pool is a stagnant one, filled only with the reference points that are active at any one time. In order to reach SOURCE in TRUTH beyond this physical form we must enter/exit thru the deep heart space. The frequency portal that is the human heart is a different frequency to the one that contains our human logical mind. Many within humanity have experiences that simply defy logic and reason and still do not accept the experience.

WE ARE now preparing for the expansion of LIGHT in TRUTH from within humanity itself. This is a candle that will be lit thru many matches that have taken eons to reach the maximum frequency that the human physical vehicle can maintain whilst still behind the last veil. The LIGHTING of the CANDLE is prophetic and it is SYMBOLIC whilst also being an actual physical event and many are preparing at this time.

The human logical mind cannot go beyond the LIGHTING of the CANDLE in TRUTH because it has no reference points, from this point forward it is EXPERIENCE that validates itself thru physical experience. This will make no sense to those who have anchored fully into the pool of human consciousness and will make it very challenging for them to expand at all.

Darkness attacks the human logic mind first and foremost because the human logical mind only uses reference navigation points, it does not FEEL. You cannot FEEL using your logical mind, you can only match a reference point to that which the eyes appear to be seeing. To work in the deep heart space we close our eyes, all 3 of them in order that we can focus on TRUTH. It is the FEELing of the frequency that reveals TRUTH to us, it is the touching of TRUTH that validates itself to us for we KNOW. This is different to human consciousness which only identifies and matches to reference points.

"In the kingdom of the blind the ONE eyed are KING", this is an oft used and misunderstood phrase. The "king" who CURRENTLY rules this dimensional space is about to be removed, thus ending his "RAIN". For too long humanity have walked in the pouring rain of grief, isolation and separation.

THE LION KING who now is about to take His Place in TRUTH is seated at the right hand of CREATOR, HE brings LIGHT to a world that is other than it is in TRUTH.

For those who are now walking towards to the EXIT doors you are reminded not to look back for there is nothing to see but darkness. Focus on TRUTH for it will lead you out of the nightmare and allow you to wake from this dream.



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