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Unleashing the "beast" in order to SLAY it in TRUTH

There are many sayings within human language that allude to two internal "beasts" that exist within the human psyche.   The human physical vehicle is a hybridization of more than just the human part that we see reflected in the mirror.  (for more information on hybridization please see the main Releasing Eden Website).  Hence we have a "primal" set of features that can be unlocked relatively easy given the correct "conditions.  These conditions are known to humanity as "flight or fight" and are being weaponized within humanity at this time repeatedly. It is not in our NATURAL WIDER CREATION nature to kill, killing is a LEARNED response that has been accepted as a natural one.

Ask anyone who has taken a human life how they have coped since and you will be faced with a list of various symptoms that are defined as "PTSD" and are treated as some sort of disorder.  Soldiers are trained for battle but the reality of said battle is only ever fully understood at the moment the soldier takes a human life. Many never recover from the emotional assault that happens internally when they go against their natural instinct.  (Note that soldiers have to be 'trained", if this was natural then there would no need to "train").  Anything that is natural is flow, anything that we are created to do we simply do there is no requirement to "learn", connected to wider creation we simply remember.

This hidden conditioning is now coming to the surface in order that it can be released fully and let go of fully.  The "primal" part of the human life experience is that which feeds on the internal emotional struggle that humanity are conditioned to side step. This conditioning is subtle, from side tracking, to self medicating, to denial, all is in place to allow the "primal" to remain and many at this time are embracing said "primal" as a reaction to the threat that is perceived in the outer waking world.

Where you find anger you will find the "primal" for it feeds on the anger and it wants to remain in situ feeding. It will attempt to teach you that without anger you are somehow defenseless, that somehow you are a victim without anger and yet anger is the betrayer. It is anger that will have us go past the line, it is anger that destroys relationships, it is anger that separates, that divides and seeks to conquer.  Where men embrace their anger and weaponize it they cause destruction, where women embrace their anger and weaponize it they also cause destruction. Without anger as the root cause there would be no destruction and the "primal" knows this.

At this time we are asked to look within and to face the "primal" it is the collection of the souls journey, it is the pot of anger, wrath, destruction and pain that is for many indescribable and it has to be let go of.  It has to be handed over in order that we can move forward in TRUTH for anger is not TRUTH. It is an emotional response PLACED INTO humanity in order to reap from it. It is not natural but has been accepted through the very heavy conditioning that humanity are subject to.

We are forewarned about the "beast" and yet many externalize it, the threat is INTERNAL, for anger and "primal" will destroy its host, it will see cancers, heart attacks, depression and mental health increase in the host as it begins to reap and to harvest from what is requires to eat from.  WRATH.

It is not our place to judge those around us, it is now time to lay down the swords that have been handed to us by a realm which we cannot readily see with our naked human eyes. It is time to stop the self harvesting that we have been conditioned to accept is part and parcel of the human life experience. It is time to stop cutting down our fellow humans in aid of the "primal" and for their "sport".   The invisible realm that would have us tear each other to pieces will now be revealed in TRUTH and many will remain in full denial.

The cost of separation is loss, the cost of anger is loss, the cost of revenge is loss, the cost of wrath is loss, the loss of what?  of LOVE and as it is LOVE in TRUTH that is our source of food we are literally choosing to starve ourselves in order that another can feed and live.  This is not TRUTH, it is not supported by the wider waking universe in TRUTH and must be resolved before further awakening is undergone.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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