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Unlocking human potential

It is relatively easy for us to fall to the outer waking reality narrative that has humanity locked into a picture that is anything but TRUTH. The human logical mind is a powerful tool that is continually used against us, we too can end up handing over our mind to the Old Earth Matrix thru surrendering to the false narrative that our human logical mind begins to build for us when it has no answers.

Indeed the more confused and disorientated that we feel the more that the human logical mind will try to build within the landscape that is the human mind. The human logical mind can only create that which is has reference points for which is the entire point of the Old Earth Matrix spending so much time creating false referenced points. "Logic dictates" is a well used human phrase that hides the power in the dictation. When our human logical mind decides that something is real it will go all out to prove it, it will filter, it will re arrange and it will continue to do this until the reality that it believes is happening is accepted by the individual concerned. In order to remove this ability we have to move into our heart space and begin to remove the hidden narratives that are held within the human logical mind.

We do this because the heart space is a protected space, the human logical mind is connected only to the human physical vehicle, the heart space itself is a dimensional space that is separate to the human physical vehicle and is connected to beyond the human physical vehicle. When we work at this level we are then affecting the human life experience from the correct perspective. We are not falling into the pot holes created by the human logical mind nor driving along the highways that the human logical mind creates for us.

This see us safe and protected as we then work to address the issues that are being falsely referenced thru the human logical mind. We do not go into the human logical mind itself for that is where we will get lost.

At this time we are being shown the potential that sits within us and which has thus far remained unclaimed, we are vastly more than we have been permitted to understand and now 144,000 begin to understand this from within a new context and a new vantage point.



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