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"Unlocking the Matrix" in TRUTH

At all times we are subject to the intense conditioning that comes through the human logical mind which is filtered hugely through the human eyes.  What our eyes "see" is that which we have been conditioned to look for.  This optical illusion keeps us within a limited framework and this is often referenced as the "matrix".  The more that we "experience" something the more defined and the stronger the illusion becomes because the human logical mind references the experience, the more referencing that occurs the stronger the illusion presented. This is why we cannot rely on our human logical mind nor our human eyes to guide us within this our human life experience in TRUTH.

It is important that we do not fall to the trap that said illusion presents that of "nothing changes" for it takes some linear time for the reference points to be fully dissolved. Whilst we wear the blinkers of experience we will always be vulnerable to that which is attempting to derail us and take us off track, namely darkness.

It is the blind spot within the human life experience in which darkness works and this blind spot is so called because it literally blinds us. We cannot see the wood for the trees when we are blinded in this way and at this time these blind spots are being revealed in order that we can take the steps necessary to remove our own internal emotional residue. It is not TRUTH to assume that we need to alter anything in an external context the external will alter when the internal is cleansed.  This is alien to the human logical mind which has been conditioned to accept the outer waking reality as a fixed context and a fixed and static background that we walk within. This is not TRUTH, this is part of the blind spot and part of the optical illusion presented within this our human form.

At this time we are asked to understand that we are walking blind in the darkness until we are not. That the light of TRUTH is that which is WITHIN US illuminating our journey and the process of Salvation in TRUTH itself. We are not subject to anything other than the internal process no matter that which is presented to us in an external form.

Fear is a tool of manipulation that is used to suppress the heart space, when we feel the fear arise within us our human logical mind goes into what is often termed "puzzle solving" mode. In TRUTH there simply is no puzzle, it is simply the polarization of the human logical mind and its attempts at creating a picture which of course cannot be created in TRUTH until understanding through the Grace of our Creator YHWY through experience is gifted.

It is our EXPERIENCE of that which is TRUTH that VALIDATES it to us, it not using the human logical mind to validate anything, for that is not the role of the human logical mind. The human logical mind is akin to a shelf full of books, Lucifer has simply given us the illusion that the librarian is sitting watching over the books, in TRUTH there is no librarian, just a dusty shelf of books. These books SERVE NO PURPOSE other than distraction, for knowledge is nothing compared to physical experience and this TRUTH is denied by many within humanity. We can read all we can on a certain subject, take for example ski-ing, but unless we don a pair of skis and go on to a physical ski slope then we have not had the experience therefore cannot reach the understanding required that a skier needs in order to master the skis they are wearing.

Such is the same for walking within the Salvation in TRUTH experience, we are not walking towards an upgraded version of the human life experience, we are dissolving FULLY AND PERMANENTLY the human life experience that is not TRUTH in order that we can walk where our Creator YHWY wishes for us to walk and we do this through His Grace in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain still and to remove that which is illuminated through Christ revealing that which has remained hidden but trapped within our emotional landscape. As we do this vast shifts and changes will alter our outer waking reality and in doing so will release that which has sought to keep us chained to a false reality and false way of living. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH. Kx

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