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Unlocking the NEW in TRUTH

At times of vast transformation it may often appear that nothing much is altering, this may leave us in a state of confusion as our human logical mind DEMANDS to see evidence of the changes. At this time that which is unseen is collapsing and resetting itself. At a human everyday waking level this may manifest as stillness.

Stillness is NOT accepted by the old earth matrix, it goes out of its way to condition humanity to keep active, to keep "busy" in order that the stillness is never reached. It is within the STILLNESS that the vast changes take place. For like a river on a calm day the tranquillity and the peacefulness that is achieved can become MIRROR LIKE.

We cannot look into a body of turbulent water and see any reflection and we require the reflection to understand where we are at any one time. Imagine if you will driving a car and the rear view mirror and side mirrors were all cracked and broken, it would be challenging to make any movement at all in confidence because you may pull out to over take and not see the car behind you move.

STILLNESS is the ocean of tranquillity that we draw our strength from. It is the vastness of BEing and at this time we are asked to look into the STILLNESS and understand that which is preventing us from mirroring this. Once identified and removed we become the vast OCEAN that WE ARE in TRUTH.



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