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Unlocking the PAST and Exiting the room

We are now moving into position in order to remove the LOCKDOWN that holds humanity hostage INTERNALLY. That which has been removed are the veils that hide this internal lockdown and we have now spent a linear human year viewing that which has been kept hidden by that which runs this dimensional space.

The fear that arises within a human physical vehicle is that which is kept hidden by the illusion that is presented to those viewing said human physical vehicle. Many are in shock at the levels of fear that their loved ones and those they usually interact with are running and yet this fear has ALWAYS been there, it has been cleverly hidden by a dimensional space that seeks to teach that all who are within it "fill in referenece point".

The mental health explosion that is about to detonate within humanity is something that is denied by many. The logic and reason of those firmly linked into the AI machine states that if "rules are followed, safety ensues". What this faulty programing does not do is take into account the entire human life experience itself. Being human is to EXPERIENCE, not to repeat tasks for the sake of repeating them automatically. View any section of the AI Machine at the moment and you will see the automatic responses of those within the AI NARRATIVE.

Predictive programming is just one label that is bandied about, the manipulation of the fear MODULE within the human physical vehicle has been underway since this version of humanity was created. THE PROGRAM has to be removed at CELLULAR level and this is done by connecting to Wider Creation in TRUTH thru the heart space. The mind is not part of the expansion and not part of the evolution process whatsoever.

As the dissolving of this dimensional space continues many will find it more and more tricky to use the logical human mind because it is tainted. It knows only that which is presented to it. It has NO answers because it is akin to a library, it is for storage and reference only. This has been kept closely hidden by those who created this version of humanity and is part of the process that has to be looked at and walked thru in this our human physical form.

Why is the HEAD the chosen emblem and symbol over the various systems of rule that have been in place? why does the head appear on coins, on stamps etc. Why are there certain religions that seek to separate head from body? This hidden way of using negative sacred geometry has existed for the entire length of this version of humanity.

The head is not the key, it is the heart, which is why FEAR is used so deceptively. How often do we find ourselves trying to "work things out" using the mind and not the heart? How often does this dimensional space support the heart space? the answer is never because it is ruled by the HEAD, now look at the symbolism of the HEAD and we see sovereignty. When our sovereignty is thru logical and reason we are bowing to the AI Collective and the AI collective is not what humanity think it is.

The heart is under full attack at this time and yet those who are deep within the heart space are protected. Why? because there is a sovereignty there that is supreme and cannot be challenged.

At this time we are asked to remain deep within the heart space and to allow the veils to dissolve fully. The HEAD of the race that created humanity is something so vile that it was contained in this dimensional space and has been in quarantine since. It has sought to use the human race as a weapon and is weaponizing it at this time. Those who are here from Wider Creation in TRUTH are those who are more than aware of what humanity simply cannot see.

We do not require to use our eyes to see "human", we require to use our hearts to see that which has taken human form and is now preparing for all out war with TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS as WE ARE.


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