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For many this time of year between the bustle of "xmas" and the "new year" is one that is akin to a pause, it is neither of either and there is a frustration that arises within humanity that seeks to ease itself thru distraction. So for many the eating their way thru this week or the rushing out to the "sales" will serve as a balm to an irritant that is not understood by humanity in general.

WE ARE asked at this time to look at the irritant and to resolve it thru the dissolving of it fully. It is the dissonance between one frequency and another and can be fully solved thru the deep heart space. We are not here to fall to the rote and ritual of a race that believe each year is somehow "different" to the one previously lived and that somehow changing a number at the end of a year allows for expansion.

WE ARE asked very clearly to let the past go fully by stepping out of the OVERCOAT of the past and hanging it back up. Only thru this process can we move thru the correct doorway that is about to open. We will be opposed fully by HEAVEN in TRUTH if we attempt to walk thru the door way with the overcoat. It was passed down to us ancestrally but this does not mean that it is something of value, it holds nothing of value except for ourselves in place.

It is a time of vast restructuring and the outer waking reality may now fully slow down in response to this. Note that the slower the outer waking reality appears to be the faster the movement that occurs deep within us. We then reach the correct equilibrium point in which to TRANSITION into.



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