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Unwrapping the PRESENT in TRUTH

We are asked at this time to understand that which is being presented to us. It is only in the "silence" of today that this can be revealed. After the insanity of the lead up to this "festive" event there is a peace that descends upon humanity. For a period of approximately 24 linear hours there is a space that is manifest that many will avoid at all costs. We can feel it begin to birth already. It is the space that reveals that which is below the insanity that has ensued, the frantic gift buying, the berating of another human being for being too slow, for parking in the wrong space, for standing in line for too long, the list is endless.

When the rush settles, when the dust begins to settle and fall and the peace descends, it is then we see into the hearts of humanity. For many the very thought of spending a day with "loved ones" has them in despair, the interactions that they go out of their way to avoid every other day of the linear year. It brings us face to face with that which is inside of us. It is glossed over initially by the gift buying, the rushing around, the hundreds of distractions that darkness lays on to prevent humanity connecting with their deep heart space.

But the deep heart space reveals TRUTH, it is the very CORE of our BEING and it is within here that TRUTH lives. It is here that many do not wish to look, they will try to side step it over the coming 24 hour linear period with alcohol and food. The intact of alcohol over the "festive" period increases dramatically and whilst humanity can lay the blame of bad decisions, horrendous reactions, death and drama at the feet of alcohol, alcohol itself is merely the tool that is used. The actual emotional reaction that alcohol unleashes was already there, it is the emotional residue that we simply cannot wrap in xmas paper and give away because darkness is not interested in us giving it away, it is only interested in us keeping tight hold of it.

At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process are asked to remain still and to radiate from within the deep heart space. To see beyond the wrapping paper, the tinsel the copious amounts of celebrating and see TRUTH. To see the pain that is prevented from healing due to the denial of a race that has seen only pain, trauma and separation as a choice for living within this dimensional space.

LOVE in TRUTH is not a baby in a manger, it is not an expensive gift wrapped and put under a tree, false or real, it is the fabric of wider creation in TRUTH that comes to reveal itself at this time. This is the last "festive" event that will ever happen and remain hidden, it will reveal itself in the course of the linear time period of the coming linear two weeks. As humanity prepare to go into a "new year", they will be prevented from simply recycling the old and dressing it up as the new for the new does not exist in TRUTH.

We are not building a "new" anything, we are stepping out of a frequency that has sought to prevent the evolution of a race that has been harnessed for their ability to hold on to and replicate fear thru generations of conditioning. This is the time that we step aside and allow the choices of the masses to reveal themselves and in doing so honor our own choice.



(c) Karen Doonan

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