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For many within humanity this is an extra ordinary painful time of year.  As social media goes into overdrive about the "happy" the "perfect" and gives the illusion of warmth, fuzziness and general all round perfection this triggers the deepest most hidden parts of our human physical form.  It is deep within the heart space that there is a little flicker of light that NEVER goes out but it is surrounded often by the ghosts of that which has been experienced in this our human physical form, the ghosts of those we have loved and who are no longer in human physical form with us.

Grief is an emotion that is denied by humanity,  we go out of our way to side step grief and it appears in various forms. The most obvious form of grief is for a loved one who has passed from their human physical form but there are other manifestations of grief and all are denied for we are taught from the moment we are born into human form to run from grief.  It is one of the most complex emotions due to the different manifestations and the shards that it produces in respect of our energy signature and energy system as a whole.

We are conditioned within this human form to believe and in this belief to accept that human death is natural. It is within the conditioning that the false seeds of belief are planted and then of course watered thru our emotional response to the death of a loved one, a dream or a way of life.

Our human physical form is but a vehicle for our spirit, we are never alone, we are always surrounded by those who are no longer in said human physical form, that which prevents us from accepting and interacting with us is the fear that arises within our human physical form and which prevents us from allowing the heart space to remain fully open. We fall to the densest of optical illusions and the deepest of conditioning within the human race, that in order to prevent hurt and pain we must simply side step our emotions and keep our heart under lock and key.  This does the exact opposite for in keeping our heart under lock and key we turn the human life experience over to the human logical mind.

The human logical mind is a reference system that seeks only to validate itself. It will work to keep hold of trauma and pain as it requires said trauma and pain to be there in order to validate the reference of when we experienced said trauma and pain. It is a self fulfilling system and one that many allow to take over the human life experience itself. It is human logic that states that grief cannot ever be moved thru and beyond, it is human logic that dictates that once hurt and humiliated that we will by pass the experience by continual reference and comparison to it.  The list is endless.

The ONLY place that we can move into healing is the heart space. The only space within the human physical vehicle that allows for deep healing, for deep understanding and connection is the human heart itself. At this time of year the heart is reaching out to us, it is a separate space within our human physical vehicle and one that our human logical mind will wage war upon.  We will look out into the illusion of "perfect" and remember our brokenness.  We will look out into the illusion of "happy" and begin to feel the edge of our sadness and our human logical mind will wage war upon this.

At this time we are asked to venture into the heart space, to find the door that is there but is often hidden thru the human belief that love hurts.  LOVE in TRUTH initially may appear to hurt, much like washing a wound, it requires to have a salve that initially may sting but without a salve the wound festers. When we leave a pool of water to its own devices it will go stagnant and then it will breed all sorts of nasty stuff. The same happens to our emotional landscape. When we experience trauma and deep hurt and pain we section off a piece of our emotional landscape and we leave that part to itself. We create separate little pools if you will of emotion.  We then will try to side step them, to walk around them and we will go to extreme lengths never ever to look into them.  This plays to the human logical mind which requires us to re reference continually.

At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process we are being asked to view the separate pools of emotion that have been created in this human life experience. Not so that we feel the pain but that so that we begin to understand that we have the tools necessary to connect the separate pools to the wider ocean, to have them cleansed and cleared and to purify them so that they no longer hurt.

Grief is a process, one that many attempt to navigate blindly. It is important that we navigate grief using our heart and not our human logical mind and it is important that as we navigate we have compassion for ourselves. That we understand it is a process. No one wakes up after losing a loved one for example and suddenly gets over it, it is a process of assimilation, of assimilating the loss into the human life experience and in doing so blending the love that we share into the LOVE that IS that is all around us.  Our loved ones do not require us to remember them at all times thru the veil of pain for they are with us, always, we do however require to remove the veil of pain in order to understand and reach them.

It is keeping hold of the pain of separation that keeps the separation in place and we can begin to define ourselves thru said separation.  This is not TRUTH and at this time we are fully supported in dissolving said separation.  We are asked to forgive, for part of the process of grief is that of anger, an emotion that does not sit well and is often denied by those who are within the grief process. We are often angry that the loved one has "left us" but feel that we cannot accept this anger because somehow it is disrespectful.  It is a natural part of the grief process and if not accepted may become a major sticking point not permitting us to move thru and beyond said process.  As we forgive we begin to dissolve the separation and we begin to reach the understanding that we have such little time in this our human physical form but we have ETERNITY in our spirit, it is our spirit that asks us to remove the layers of grief for it is said layers that are preventing our unity with ALL. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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